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Which Kpop girl group looks best in suits?

Which Kpop girl group looks best in suits?
A lot of K-Pop girl bands chose the suit concept at a certain point. Let’s see which of the following bands pools best the suit concept. 🙂

Wonder Girls
Wonder Girls in suits

Girls’ Generation
SNSD in suits

2ne1 in suits

4minute in suits

9muses muses

After School
After School in suits


f(x) in suits

EXID in suits

mamamoo in suits

Red Velvet

Twice in suit


CLC in suits


Pristin V
Pristin V

Which Kpop girl group looks best in suits?

Who do you think is the band that looked the best in suits? Feel free to comment below.

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  • Giny

    Girls Generation and 9Muses really rocked those suits

  • Jichu, chicken is ready

    CLC are just absolute queens looking with those suits

  • 💗mint💗

    obviously the answer is all of the above

  • andredrw

    Girls Generation isnt an option to vote for nor is in the tag

  • Tiscus

    honestly 4 Minute is kiiiiiiiilling in those suits like they are WEARING THEM, they are ART! Everyone else seems kind of consumed by the outfit.

  • uyenchi tran

    where is girls generation?????? in the poll

  • Linnea idontwanttoputmylastnam

    As a lesbian – the only correct answer is all of them

  • xiuchenny

    f(x) and 2NE1 <3

  • Mr. Timm


  • Kara slayed

  • StrangeLucy

    All of them slayed :>

  • Sevin

    Mamamoo😍god they r all so sexy(mamamoo members)especially moonbyul…and CLC omg they r so pretty and looking good❤

  • A little sugar bot

    Honestly, Amber of f(x) just killed it and you can’t deny it.

  • Caesar_Wu

    why is that a mood XD

  • Liver


  • KookieChim

    After School are one of the best what do you mean…

  • kkaebsong

    yaaaaah twice!

  • Hoe101

    red velvet, exid, and clc as well as f(x) are truly the best in their suits dont @ me

  • Ana

    exid made me lesbian

  • aswooi

    i need an all of the above button tbh but im sad at how much dust y’all gave after school

  • Twice not here shush

  • Honestly I hate the concept when GGs wear suits.. But I had to choose so girl’s generation

  • Amberlie Vu

    Red Velvet, Dreamcatcher and 9muses? P.S they should add a all of the above option

  • Just Happy

    Suits were made for girls though

  • Yunaria

    After School and 9muses looks the best yet they’re all the way down smh

  • kayy

    clc made me GAY with the suit concept

  • Sis, I said I hate the concept if girls wear suits. Nothing like Sexism I just don’t like it. Even for boys