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Who is the best dancer in NCT?

Who is the best dancer in NCT?
Best dancer in NCT
NCT has quite some great dancers. Guys, let’s see, who’s the best dancer in NCT? Please do share your opinion. 🙂

Who is the best dancer in NCT?

Post by sunshinejoonie

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Who’s the best dancer in NCT, in your opinion?

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  • Alexis

    Why does Sicheng only have a little bit of votes…?

  • Maria Allkivi

    People are obviously voting for thier favorites… If people were actually voting for who they think is the best dancer and not whose dancing they prefer Ten would have all the votes.

  • Lily Andrews

    Taeyong, TEN, and Jisung are the best dancers in NCT, like, their the main dancers

  • aestheticnaija

    the best dancers are Ten, Jisung, Taeyong and Winwin.. I-

  • lulusol

    the best is definitely ten then jisung, and then winwin!!

  • Megan

    Yeah Ten is the best dancer. Then Winwin, Jisung, Yuta, Taeyong.

  • Chop

    SM here dangerous male dancers ( Kai, Ten, Taemin

  • President of kpop groups

    i vote for taeil cause why not

  • Byeol

    YES TEN you get them votes 😤👏

    Honestly though guys Yuta is also pretty good, glad he’s getting recognition :’)

  • Cordelia Dukes

    yall talking abt yuta or jyani or sicheng but jeno and jaemin guys. in terms of skills Jisung might be first in dream but jeno’s style of dancing is more controlled than Jisung’s, and so is jaemin’s. they deserve to be higher on the list.

  • nyx c:

    Is everyone just ignoring the fact that WinWin has been trained in dance since he was able to walk and can perform a move in Chinese traditional dance that only about 1000 people can do? And that Jisung is Taemin’s protege? And that Ten had a whole minute long solo in Black on Black? People are just voting for who they like more, it seems.

  • Shawn

    I had no idea how good Renjun was in dancing until recently. He’s improve a lot.

    It’s so hard to pick who is the best overall, but I went with Mark, but then I forgot all about Ten and woud’ve voted for him if I’d seen his name on the polls. Not sure how I missed it! I really love Mark and Ten’s style of dancing. They all slay, tbh!!!

  • Lille

    Ten, Taeyong and Jisung are undeniably top 3, facts only!! The rest of the ranking is fuzzy… Dream line is really strong at dancing though, I was surprised to see Renjun rank so low

  • lol


  • ui_jin

    I came here 4 times to vote for all members

  • Meenakshi xo (Mim.)

    I don’t know any of the member names except for Taeyong, but if I had to choose I’d say all of them. This is because each individual are unique in their own way and this includes in their dancing too. All of them are incredibly good at dancing!

  • Brittney

    I would choose all of them if i could because i cant even do half the shit their doing.

  • ten and jisung

  • Fatima

    Ten, WinWin, Jisung and Taeyong 💜💜💜

  • YoonTaeKyung

    1. Ten
    2. JinsungWinwin
    3. WinwinJisung
    4. Taeyong
    5. Yuta
    6. Jeno
    7. Jaemin
    8. Haechan
    9. Mark
    10. Jaehyun
    11. Jungwoo Renjun
    12. Lucas Johnny
    13. Kun
    14. Taeil Doyoung

  • YoonTaeKyung

    even the “worst” dancer in NCT can be called a dance machine.

  • Layla Kones


  • Slash

    1. Ten
    2. Taeyong
    3. Winwin
    4. Jisung
    5. Yuta

    Mark and Haechan are really good but overrated compare other.

  • Slash

    People ignore Winwin can dance

  • MarkLeeIsProbablyMySoulmate

    1. Ten
    2. Jisung
    3. Taeyong

  • With this poll, it’s obviously going to be subjective and a lot of people will choose their bias. But I’ve seen the proper and most accurate criticism before from a dance instructor, and they ranked Ten, Taeyong, Jeno, Jisung and Yuta as the Top 5. There are lot of members and good ones at that, so they weren’t able to rank all.

  • hoseoksblackbarbie

    y’all really be sleepin on my boy mark lee’s dancing. like y’all really need to get y’all eyes checked. he’s EASILY one of the top 5 dancers in nct. stan talent stan our canadian god mark lee.

  • Mand

    why people always forget how good Jeno is? Mark is a good dancer but Jeno is not literally NCT Dream lead dancer for nothing

  • Yumi Salsa

    Most of people probably choose their bias but me myself as a Kun stan, I’m choosing Ten and Jisung cuz I like their style. I love watching those two solo dance cover.

  • QuirkyStrawbery

    I know right Jeno deserves better

  • QuirkyStrawbery


  • Mand

    I don’t think he’s in top 5, yeah he’s a really good dancer but we have a lot of dancers that are better than him, like Mark is above Yuta on votes and Yuta is considered the 2nd main dancer in 127, actually I don’t think people are sleepin on Mark

  • nak000

    1. ten
    2. taeyong
    3. mark
    4. yuta
    5. jisung

    unpopular opinion i put jisung lower cuz he’s sharp but i think his dancing is a tiny bit overrated, i find mark’s more sharp and interesting and i think yuta’s is wayyy underrated

  • nak000

    yeah jeno does deserve better hes rly sharp

  • nak000

    jaemin, jaehyun, haechan and winwin are only higher than jeno bcuz ppl voted subjectively, jeno is more sharp imo

  • Hawa Muhammad

    Of course Ten, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Yuta, Winwin

  • Hawa Muhammad

    i dont think he’s in top5 either. I think Jaehyun is easily better than him who has the position of lead dancer.

  • Hawa Muhammad

    Haechan is not even in top ,. Jaehyun is better than both mark and Haechan

  • Hawa Muhammad


  • Hawa Muhammad

    1. TEN
    3. Yuta ( YA’all stop sleeing on my mans!! Whenever he takes center position in any of the songs, he goes so hard and kills it like omg. His movements are so balanced and sharp, I love watching him dance)
    4. Taeyong
    5. Winwin
    6. Jeno

  • Hawa Muhammad

    wheres Jaehyun!?!?!?

  • Slash

    Yes im agree. I just give an top 5 but Jaehyun and Johnny are also an good dancers.

  • mana


  • Alyssa

    1. Ten
    2. Taeyong
    3. Jisung
    4. Yuta
    5. Jeno
    6. WinWin
    7. Jaehyun
    8. Mark
    9. Jaemin
    10. Jungwoo
    11. Lucas
    12. Haechan
    13. Kun
    14. Chenle
    15. Renjun
    16. Johnny
    17. Doyoung
    18. Taeil

  • nctare21now

    Taeyong is the best dancer in NCT for me. All of them are great tho!

  • Antonia

    Taeyongs stage presence is just so strong. Whenever I spot him dancing I can’t take my eyes off of him

  • Saga Hallkvist

    Taeyong is the best dancer, he also got the best stage presence

  • Yugyeom

    Taeyong, Ten, Jisung. Taeyong has great stage presence and so great at dancing. Ten’s dance moves are so smooth yet so powerful. Jisung’s dance is so great he can dance with very quick powerful moves or smooth like ‘Move’. I guess Ten is the best then Jisung then Taeyong. But if some of you put other than these three as best dancer, i recommend you to think again

  • Lu Munhele

    Yuta style is definitely different from the others if i may say this i see him more professional as a dancer, and he give me the vibe of Yixing (Lay) of course he have a long ride but he will get there cuz Yuta already have the perfect body for dance and adding balance, sharpness, powerful movement’s and he can clearly do freestyle(nct127 x Esteem MV Good thing dance performance) and if I’m not mistaken I read somewhere that one of his skills is dance then ….

  • Obviously Ten is the best dancer. People love to say that Taeyong is the best dancer, which i can’t completely disagree with because he is definitely one of the top dancers of NCT, but have you even seen Ten? Dream in a dream? His Hit the stage performances? You can prefer Taeyong’s dancing over Ten’s but it’s literally a fact that Ten is technically a better dancer. ( coming from a dancer.) Whereas Ty has an amazing stage presence, so does Ten (Just watch any of his Hit the stage performances, he is amazing!!) so nothing against Ty, but Ten is literally one of the best kpop dancers alongside with Taemin, Kai etc. the way he moves is so charismatic and his technique and smoothness is EVERYTHING. Same with expressions, charisma etc. And… i would definitely rank Jungwoo higher. I feel like a lot of people have no clue how good dancer he actually is. I was lowkey shocked as well when i watched his fancams. He is also a really smooth dancer. Same with Yuta !! mean at the end of the day, they are all amazing dancers in different ways, no doubt.

  • Minhyuk-Sunbaenim 🌹

    The top 5 are obviously Ten (being #1) and then Taeyong, Yuta, Jisung, and Jeno (the four of which can be ranked more subjectively). It’s evident especially since they’re the members who received time in the center during black on black which is NCT’s most performance oriented song. After that Winwin, Mark, and Jaehyun stand out more than the other members but for the most part beyond the top 5 the ranking gets more and more subjective since they’re closer in skill. Once you hit like #10 the order doesn’t really matter tbh.

  • Dana

    anyone can dance with Coreo and practice BTS’s Jin is Actuly really bad at dancing in free style same goes for RM YET… the coreo they do is hella hard… even though hey dance bad they can still achieve doing BTS’s dances YES? okay now I bet you if any NCT member were do free style ON THE SPOT to a new song they didn’t know AT ALL majority of the members y’all are naming wouldn’t do half as good as Jisung not Ten TEN is obviously #1 technically speeding But he’s over 20 and has been dancing his WHOLE life WITH GIDENCE Jisung is #2 HES ONLY 17 and he can dance just as good as Ten any day and he hasn’t had help his whole life

  • Bryn Moow

    People always use hit the stage to say why ten is the best and, although i do agree he is the best(boi got a solo in BoB), Hit The Stage isnt a proper measure of his talent because that was nearing three years ago(i think) and that was after like a month since he had debuted, so think of what his skill is at now

  • Stop being salty and just admit that Ten is the best dancer 👏

  • Anyone with a brain knows it

  • Ana


  • sylvia

    an all of the above needs to be added tbth

  • SG Lopez

    love u girl. u a true kpop fan! i stan!

  • that kpop girl

    thank you

  • Renjun is such an underrated dancer tbh. His moves might not be sharp but that’s the point of it. He doesn’t do it too hard or too soft. It’s just graceful.

  • aswooi

    @ how y’all fail to realise how well renjun, doyoung and jungwoo can dance. renjun is so fluid, doyoung’s expressions, jungwoo just existing! and im really shocked jeno’s as low as he is, id have voted for him if i didnt think he was gonna be in the top 3.

  • Sonnet Shreya

    Everyone in nct dances skillfully but I think Taeyong has sharp moves and finese.

  • 💜💜


  • sjrxn_

    My Opinion :
    1. Ten (OFCOURSE!)
    4. Taeyong (QUIET BUT GOOD!)
    6. Jeno (HIS MOVE!)
    7. Haechan (MY FULLSUN UWU!)
    8. Jaehyun (LUV)
    9. Mark (SHARP!)
    10. Jaemin (QUIET BUT GOOD! PT.2)
    11. Renjun (MY BABYYYYYYYY)
    12. Johnny (GREAT FOR TALL PEOPLE)
    13. Jungwoo (UWU!)
    14. Lucas (GREAT FOR TALL PEOPLE PT.2)
    15. Doyoung (CMON! HE’S GOOD)
    16. Chenle (MY BABY DOLPHIN!)
    17. Taeil (CMON! HE’S GOOD PT.2)


  • sjrxn_

    This is just my opinion

  • Lille

    Good dancing does not mean that you must be able to freestyle skillfully. I think good dancing is capturing the vibe of the choreography with your own style, and how well you execute the move technically. Ten’s been dancing his whole life and that is exactly why he is so good!! Jisung is good too there is no doubt, but at times I feel that some members in NCT Dream outshine him in some kind of way. Sometimes it’s dancing, sometimes stage presence… Not sure. I can’t say the same for Ten though.

  • Chae_hyungwon

    BIASED there’s no way you’d think Haechan and jaehyun are better than mark lee have you seen his slick moves don’t you wonder why he ended boss??and is always up front got dancing *shooketh*

  • Chae_hyungwon

    to me Winwin uWu

  • Chae_hyungwon

    nope what is it…

  • Chae_hyungwon

    WtF r u talking about bts get off my level if your gonna talk about them!
    status:former a.r.m.y member