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Kim Dongbin Profile

Kim Dongbin Profile And Facts

Kim Dongbin (김동빈)is a trainee under MLD Entertainment , he was on the survival show Produce 101 s2 and Produce X 101 .

Stage Name: Kim Dongbin (김동빈)
Birth Name: Kim Dong Bin (김동빈)
Birth Date: March 19, 2001
Zodaic Sign:  Pisces
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: B

Kim DongBin Facts:
– He Participated in the survival show ‘ Produce 101 s2 ‘ and got eliminated in episode 8 ranking 58th.
– His hobbies are Writing lyrics and taking pictures.
– His specialty is cooking and flexibility test.
– On ‘ Produce 101 s2 ‘ he was expecting to get an A,but during the examination, the performance was stopped midway through the misunderstanding that he had to stop the hand gesture minus the in-ear of the trainer. When he tried to start again,he felt pressured and cried .
– He is a former Kiwi media trainee .
– His role model is Seventeen’s Mingyu .
– On August 6th, 2017,he was diagnosed with “traumatic depression” .
– In Seoul Fashion Week,he was selected as a collection model of NINETEENEIGHTY by Moon Jeong-wook’s designer brand.
– He is participating in the 4th season of produce series ( produce x 101 ) .

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    Blood type is A.

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    Please update Kim dong bin profile.
    His blood type is b ( produce x 101 profile ) probably he thought his blood type was A ( produce 101 season 2 ) is actually b.
    Height: 184cm ( produce x 101 profile )
    Weight 64kg ( produce x 101 profile