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Kim Dae Myung Profile and Facts

Kim Dae Myeung Profile: Kim Dae Myung Facts

Kim Dae Myung (김대명) is a South Korean actor who made his acting debut in 2006, with the short movie “Puzzle”.

Birth Name: Kim Dae Myung (김대명)
Birthdate: February 16, 1981
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 180 cm (5’11″)
Weight: –
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: Daemyeung.kim

Kim Dae Myung Facts:
– He has a sister.
– Education: Sungkyunkwan University, Department of Acting Arts
– Some of his nicknames are: Daeri Kim, Daemaeng, Dam, Mudang, Agrippa
– He is currently not signed with any agency, as his contract with Prain TPC expired in June 2020.
– His religion is Protestantism.
– On October 17, 2014 he joined the main cast of the series “Misaeng” (also known as “Incomplete Life”) where he played Kim Dong-shik, the assistant sales team manager # 3.
– After acting in “Misaeng”, he became known to the public in their 20s and 40s.
– On November 9, 2016, he joined the main cast of the series “The Sound of Your Heart”, where he played Jo Joon, the older brother of Jo Seok (Lee Kwang-soo).
– After appearing in “The Sound of Your Heart” in 2016, even elementary school students at the time recognized him.
– On March 12, 2020 he joined the main cast of the “Hospital Playlist” series where he plays Dr. Yang Seok-hyung, a doctor of obstetric and gynecological surgery at “Yulje Medical Center”.
– He is practicing playing the piano for his activity in the band MiDo FaLaSol (Hospital Playlist).

Kim Dae Myung Dramas:
Title (hangul) | network / as character (year)
Hospital Playlist 2 (슬기로운 의사생활 2) | tvN / 2021 – Yang Seok Hyung
Hospital Playlist (슬기로운 의사생활) | tvN / 2020 – Yang Seok Hyung
The Sound of Heart ( 마음의 소리) | KBS / 2016 – Jo Joon
Red Moon (붉은 달) | KBS / 2015 – Prince Sado
Misaeng (미생) | tvN / 2014 – Kim Dong Shik

Kim Dae Myung Movies:
Stone Skipping (돌멩이) | 2020 – Seok Goo
Dont Touch Dirty Money (더러운 돈에 손대지 마라) | 2019
The Golden Holiday/Package (국제 수사) | 2018 – Hwang Man Chul
Drug King (마약왕) | 2018 – Lee Doo Hwan
Golden Slumber (골든 슬럼버) | 2018 – Dong Gyu
Bluebeard (해빙) | 2017 – Sung Geun
The Last Princess (덕혜옹주) | 2016 – Kim Bong Guk
Pandora (판도라) | 2016 – Dae Sub
Inside Men: The Original (내부자들: 디 오리지널) | 2015 – Reporter Go Sang-chul
The Insider (내부자들) | 2015
Exclusive: The Ryangchen Murders (특종: 량첸살인기) | 2015 – Citizen
Beauty Inside (뷰티 인사이드) | 2015 – Kim Woo Jin
My Dictator (나의 독재자) | 2014
The Target (표적) | 2014 Jang Gyu Ho
King¨s Wrath (역린) | 2014 – Gang Yong Hwi
Roving Edge (방황하는 칼날) | 2014 – Yang Tae Sub
The Terror Live (더 테러 라이브) | 2013 – Park Shin Woo (voice)
All Bark No Bite (개들의 전쟁) | 2012 Doo Chang
Puzzle (두뇌유희 프로젝트, 퍼즐) | 2006

Kim Dae Myung Awards:
2015 8th Korea Drama Awards | Award for Excellence in Actors (Misaeng)

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