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Jvcki Wai Profile and Facts

Jvcki Wai Profile: Jvcki Wai Facts and Ideal Type

Jvcki Wai (재키와이)
is a South Korean rapper and songwriter.
She debuted on November 2, 2016, with mini-album “Exposure” under The Ugly Junction and STONESHIP.

Stage name: Jvcki Wai (재키와이)
Birth name: Hong Ye-eun (홍예은)
Birthday: July 5, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 155 cm (5’1″)
Weight: 44,9 kg (97 lbs)
Instagram: @jvckiwai
Twitter: @Jvcki_Wai
SoundCloud: Jvcki Wai
Facebook: Jvcki Wai
YouTube: Jvcki Wai
TikTok: jvckiwai

Jvcki Wai Facts:
– She lives in Seoul, Korea.
– She speaks English.
– She writes her own lyrics.
– She studied jazz music.
– She met Lil Yachty.
– Her guilty pleasure is food.
– Her favorite food is spaghetti and meat.
– She studies Spanish as of June 2020.
– Her favorite Netflix show is ‘Hip-Hop Evolution’.
– Her top 3 favorite fruits are strawberries, oranges, and cherries.
– She studied at Korea Art School and dropped out of high school.
– According to Kid Milli, she has an unhealthy lifestyle.
– If she could be an animal, she would be a bird/parrot.
– Her favorite scented candle is “Black Cherry”.
– Her favorite game is Cube Escape, she says that she is a fangirl.
– If she could teleport to any place in the world she would pick Hawaii as of June 2020.
– She has been announced as an official Indigo Music’s artist in February 2018 and in October 2019 her contract with the company came to an end.
– She won the women’s rapper competition “#GALmighty” at the age of 18 hosted by The Ugly Juction.
– She joined The Ugly Juction in 2013 after winning their competition to debut three years later with mini-album “Exposure”.
– She describes her 18 year-old-self as a young, ignorant student.
– She says doubt and emptiness are natural to her.
–  When she’s working on an album, she thinks of it as if she’s making a movie.
– She modeled for Adidas X Hypebeast Campaign in 2019.
– She doesn’t have much to say about her appearance (fashion).
– She’s featuring in Zico‘s song titled “Daredevil”.
– She wanted to do rock music before she listened to hip hop.
– She picks beer over soju and whiskey over wine.
– She likes pineapple on pizza.
– Her favorite Disney movie is “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.
– Her favorite type of fish is Betta.

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