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Kim Jonghyeon / JR (ex. Nu’est) Profile and Facts

JR (Nu’est) Profile and Facts; JR’s Ideal Type

Kim Jonghyeon (김종현) also know as JR (제이알) is a S. Korean singer, former member of boy group NU’EST.

Stage Name: JR (제이알)
Birth Name: Kim Jong Hyeon (김종현)
Birthday: June 8, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Blood Type: O
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs)
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: @__jonghyeon / @issue_jonghyeon (Company account)
Twitter: @em_jonghyeon

Kim Jonghyeon Facts:
– He is from Gangneung, Gangwon, South Korea.
– He has two older sisters.
– He used to dislike his singing voice but recently he’s started to sing more in their songs.
– He is charismatic onstage and in front of juniors but with the members or on variety shows he has aegyo.
– His stage name stands for Junior Royal.
– His nicknames are National Leader, Bangkok City Boy, JTBC’s Son, and Wartortle.
– He is Pledis’ first ever male trainee.
– He debuted as a member of NU’EST on March 15, 2012, under Pledis Entertainment.
– His favorite part of his body is his eyes.
– He’s close to NCT’s Taeyong, After School‘s Raina, JBJ‘s Kwon Hyunbin, and FTISLAND‘s Lee Hongki.
– He is a huge fan of anime and he’s also a gamer.
– His role models are Eminem and Bigbang.
– He has appeared on a lot of variety shows (Love Catcher, Night Goblin, Lan Cable Life, I’m Not the Person You Used to Know).
– He was on Produce 101 (ranked 14th).
– His favorite colors are black, yellow, and green.
– He prefers having black hair.
– He can’t eat spicy food well and also hates eating tomatoes.
– His specialties are writing lyrics and speaking Japanese.
– He can’t swim and wants to learn how in 2019.
– He also couldn’t ride a bike until 2018.
– His hobbies are gaming and reading manhwa.
– He is a fan of the YouTuber Buzzbean11 and became friends with him after they were on a variety show together.
– He likes to eat chicken.
– He appeared in Orange Caramel’s “Bangkok City” MV.
– In 2018, he visited his birthday ads wearing a wartortle costume.
– His representative animal is a turtle.
– His Spoonz character is BT.
– His fans are called Bugidans.
– Update: The members moved out of the dorm since early 2019, only JR and Ren still remained in the dorm.
– Pledis confirmed that JR will leave the company once his contract expires on March 14, 2022.
– On May 16, 2022 it was announced that he signed with Evermore Entertainment.
– He plans to debut as a soloist on November 8, 2022 with his first mini-album “Meridiem“, under the stage name Jonghyeon.
JR’s ideal type: someone who is strong on the outside but tender on the inside; someone who can take good care of him.

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