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Hua Chenyu Profile and facts

Hua Chenyu Profile: Hua Chenyu facts and ideal typeHua Chenyu is a Chinese singer and songwriter. He’s well known for his powerful vocals, stage performances and talents in composing and is recognized as one of the most influential singer in China.

Hua Chenyu’s fandom name: Martians
Hua Chenyu’s fan colorRed

Stage Name: Hua Chenyu
Birthday: February 7th, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse
Height: 173 cm (5′8″)
Weight: 55 kg
Blood Type: B
Weibo:  @华晨宇yu
Instagram: @huachenyustudio
Youtube: @華晨宇 HuaChenYu

Hua Chenyu Facts:
– Hua Chen Yu was born in a wealthy family as his father owned a silver mining business.
– Hua Chen Yu’s parents divorced when he was only 4 years old.
– Hua Chen Yu’s mom used to place speakers around her stomach to let the baby listen to music when she was pregnant with Hua Chen Yu, as she hoped that he would pursue music when he grew up.
– As Hua Chen Yu’s father was busy growing his silver business when he was young, Hua Hua did not receive much love and warmth in his childhood.
– He is a big lover of food and loves to eat all kinds of meat.
– Hua Chen Yu revealed on the show “Singer” that usually does not consume food before his grand on-stage performances, in order to ensure that his throat is clear for him to sing at his very best.
– Hua Chen Yu’s known vocal range spans from G2 to Bb5 and his vocal range is touted to be over 3 octaves.
– He loves experimenting with new musical ideas and blends different musical styles into his work, at times even combining elements of Chinese opera into his musical renditions.
– As he hobby, he enjoys anime as he loves collecting anime figures in his house.
– He also behaves like an old man at times, as he likes to drink tea, play Chinese chess practice zazen (a form of mediation) and can even stay in his own bedroom for days without leaving it at all.
– As a musician with perfect pitch, Hua Chen Yu is able to learn new instruments very quickly and plays many instruments, including the flute, piano, guitar, drums and even more traditional Chinese instruments such as the erhu.
– Hua Chen Yu moved away from his home and lived in Wuhan on his own at 15.
– Before debut, Hua Chen Yu formed a band called “康熙” in university where he was the lead singer. His band performed at various local music evens and enjoyed some recognition in the Guanggu area.
– Before debut, Hua Chen Yu claimed to have been able to not leave his room for weeks and even months as he was busy composing his music.
– Hua Chen Yu started to become famous upon winning the survival show Superboy, where he sang a controversial song with no lyrics.
– Hua Chen Yu’s humming of the music he composed earned him the title of a “Martian” humming “Martian language” by the media.
– Hua Chen Yu was initially planning to drop out from the show Superboy as he was unable to deal with his sudden rise in popularity. He always felt like he did not deserve the love he received from the show, and was almost going through a mental breakdown.
– Hua Hua is also lifelong “brothers” with fellow contestants of Superboy, as the common experiences they shared during the show brought them very close together. Hua Hua is known to still keep in regular and close contact with them.
– Nowadays, he confessed on the variety show “Ace vs Ace” that he learned to appreciate his love from his fans and has reached a stage in life where he is much happier.
– Hua Chen Yu is one of the most successful and influential songwriters in China, and his concert tickets in 2019 sold out in 9 seconds, beating the previous record timing of 1 minute in 2018.
– Hua Chenyu is also one of the superstars with the most commercial endorsements in China.
– Hua Chenyu has announced that he will be starting his own company.
– Hua Chenyu’s ideal type: N/A 

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