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HORI7ON Members Profile

HORI7ON Members Profile and Facts:

HORI7ON is the final 7 members of the survival show Dream Maker under MLD Entertainment, ABS-CBN, and KAMP Korea. The group consists of Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus. They were trained in South Korea and debuted as a global pop group. The group made their debut on July 24, 2023 with the album, ‘Friend-SHIP‘.

HORI7ON  Fandom Name: ANCHOR (The fans will become the compass as the anchors of the boat that is HORI7ON)
HORI7ON Fandom Color:

Official Accounts:
Twitter: HORI7ONofficial
Instagram: hori7onofficial
YouTube: HORI7ON
TikTok: @hori7onofficial
Facebook: HORI7ONofficial

HORI7ON Members Profile:
Vinci (Rank 4)

Stage Name: Vinci (빈치)
Birth Name: Gabriel Vincent Malizon
Korean Name: Choi Woo Bin (최우빈)
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist
Birthday: March 11th, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 170 cm (5’7″)
Blood Type: B+
Nationality: Filipino
Representative Emoji: 🐲
Instagram: ialwaysvinci / vincimalizon / vinci.type
TikTok: @ialwaysvinci

Vinci Facts:
– He’s from Santo Tomas, Batangas, Philippines.
– His childhood interest and hobby led him to become a self-taught singer and dancer.
– He is a multimedia arts major from iAcademy, an arts and business college.
– He is a middle child between two sisters.
– Vinci decided to become an idol after watching NCT’s Mark and ENHYPEN perform.
– Vinci loves music, he listens to Colde, SZA, UMI, Sam Kim, and Frank Ocean.
– He is a fan of BLACKPINK and his bias is Rosé.
– He likes scented candles. Woody, musky, and cinnamon are some of his favorite notes.
– His fandom is called “inVINCIbles” and his solo fandom color is Blue.

Kim (Rank 6)

Stage Name: Kim (킴)
Birth Name: Kim Huat Ng
Korean Name: Kim Jun Mo (김준모)
Birthday: February 17th, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 170 cm (5’7″)
Blood Type: O
MBTI Type:

Representative Emoji: 🐱
Instagram: kimhuatng_1702
TikTok: @kimhuat_1702

Kim Facts:
– He’s from Bacolod, Philippines.
– He likes BTS and ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo.
– Kim has five cats; Tommy, Kimac, Blessing, Ginger, and Dash.
– He was a former Top Class participant.
– His nickname is SHY GUY.
His individual fandom is called “KIMchis Army”.

Kyler (Rank 3)

Stage Name: Kyler (카일러)
Birth Name: Kenji Chua
Korean Name: Kang Min Nam (강미남)
Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: July 6th, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 177 cm (5’10″)
Blood Type: A+
MBTI Type:
Nationality: Filipino
Representative Emoji:
Instagram: iamkylerchua
Twitter: kenji_chua7
Facebook: Kyler Chua

Kyler Facts:
– He’s from Quezon City, Philippines.
– His mother is Filipino, and his late father is half Chinese.
– He has a younger brother.
– Kyler is a Celebrity Studio PH trainee.
– He’s a fan of EXO and his bias is Kai.
– His specialties include goat imitation and guitar playing.
– His nickname is JI.
– He took Hotel and Restaurant Management in college.
– His individual fandom is called “Orions”.

Reyster (Rank 5)

Stage Name: Reyster (레이스터)
Birth Name: Reyster A. Yton
Korean Name: Ra Dong Hyuk (라동혁)
Main Rapper
Birthday: February 8th, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 172 cm (5’8″)
Blood Type:
MBTI Type:
Representative Emoji: 🐼
Instagram: reysteryton_
TikTok: @reysteryton_

Reyster Facts:
– He’s from Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.
— Reyster knows English, Filipino, and Bisaya.
– He’s fond of cats. He has a cat named, Nara.
– His favorite colors are pink, black, and white.
– Reyster’s nickname is TOTO.
– His hobbies and interests include arts, instruments, and photography.
– Reyster is a fan of the K-POP groups; BLACKPINK, BTS, ENHYPEN, ITZY, NCT, and TWICE.
– He mainly uploads K-POP dance covers and tutorials in his TikTok account.
– He is a middle child between two sisters.
– In 2019, Reyster won as first runner-up in his school’s solo singing competition.
More information about Reyster…

Winston (Rank 7)

Stage Name: Winston (윈스턴)
Birth Name: Winston Pineda
Korean Name: Woo Seung Seok (우승석)
Birthday: February 2nd, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type:
MBTI Type:
 Filipino (Waray)
Representative Emoji: 🦊
Instagram: _winstonpineda

Winston Facts:
– He’s from Catbalogan, Samar, Philippines. He currently lives in Taguig, Philippines.
– He’s a General Academic Strand (GAS) student and a consistent achiever.
– Winston is the youngest out of his eight siblings.
– He knows how to read and write in Korean.
– Winston went to St. Theodore School.
– He has a Bisayan accent.
– Winston is a youth leader in his local church.
– His individual fandom is called “Gemstones.”

Jeromy (Rank 1)

Stage Name: Jeromy (제로미)
Birth Name: Jeromy Melendres Batac
Korean Name: Lee Jae Ho (이제호)
Performance Leader, Main Dancer, Center
Birthday: February 2nd, 2009
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 170.2 cm (5’7”)
Blood Type:
MBTI Type:
Representative Emoji: 🐯
Instagram: _jeromymelendresbatac
TikTok: @jiro_meeeee
Facebook: Jeromy Melendres Batac

Jeromy Facts:
– He’s from Quezon City.
– Jeromy started performing and modeling at the age of 5 with numerous awards.
– He has an older brother and younger sister.
– Jeromy’s nickname is Jiro.
– He used to be in a group called, “Electrogroovers” and won World Supremacy Battlegrounds which took place in Sydney, Australia.
– Jeromy was a commercial model for Top Sarap, Selecta, Cherifer, UniSilver, Aficionado, and SM Kid’s Apparel.
– His individual fandom is called “Jeromy Tigers” with the solo fandom color of Yellow.
More information about Jeromy…

Marcus (Rank 2)

Stage Name: Marcus (마커스)
Birth Name: Marcus Rayden P. Cabais
Korean Name: Na Mak Nae (나막내)
Birthday: August 31st, 2009
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 169 cm (5’7″)
Blood Type:
MBTI Type:
Representative Emoji: 🐰
Instagram: marcuscabais_

Marcus Facts:
– He’s from Bataan, Philippines.
– His cousin is UNISElisia.
– He can sing, rap, dance, and knows how to play drums, ukulele, and keyboard.
– Marcus’s favorite movies are Knives Out and Interstellar.
– He acted in ‘My 2 Mommies’ as Tristan.
– He was often on the YeY channel.
– Marcus appeared as Mini Bon Jovi in a “MiniMe” Season 2 segment on the Filipino noontime show It’s Showtime in 2015.
– Some of his favorite songs are Dayglow‘s “Can I Call You Tonight?“, Strawberry Guy‘s “Mrs Magic“, and Billie Eilish‘s “Goldwing“.
– He started performing at the age of 3.
– His individual fandom is called “Radiants” and his solo fandom color are Blue and Purple.
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