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Haruna Kojima Profile, Facts and Ideal Type

Haruna Kojima Profile: Haruna Kojima Facts and Ideal Type

Haruna Kojima (小嶋 陽菜) is a Japanese actress and model. She’s also a former member of AKB48 Team A.

Birth Name: Haruna Kojima (小嶋 陽菜)
Birthday: April 19, 1988
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 164cm (5’4″)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @nyanchan22
Twitter: @kojiharunyan
TikTok: @harunakojima22
Weibo: akb48harunakojima
YouTube: HARUNA KOJIMA’s cat nap

Haruna Kojima Facts:
– She was born in Urawa-ku, Saitama, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.
– She began her career as a member of Angel Eyes that disbanded in 2001.
– She was a 1st generation member of AKB48 that debuted in December 2005.
– She passed an audition for AKB48 in July 2005.
– Her hobby is shopping.
– She was a member of the AKB48 sub-unit called No Sleeves.
– She is affiliated with Production Ogi and a “MAQUIA” exclusive model.
– She dropped out of high school at the age of 16. She had to do it because of a school regulation that does not allow students to work in the entertainment industry.
– In her spare time she focuses on her YouTube channel (filming, editing, and coming up with ideas for new content).
– The thing she’s into the most is watching “Terrace House”. She never misses an episode.
– It’s kind of hard for her to speak about herself, it makes her feel embarrassed.
– She has a flexible mindset. She keeps her eyes open for anything that might come along.
– She is a founder & creative director of the brand “Her lip to”. (herlipto.jp)
– She loves shopping, and always orders from overseas online vendors.
– She is best friends with former SDN48 member Komatani Hitomi.
– Her favorite food is Nodoguro, sushi, and mango.
– Her favorite drink is Jasmine tea and tomato juice.
– Her favorite artist is Morning Musume.
– Her favorite TV show is “Ametaalk!”, travel and idol shows.
– Her favorite magazines are fashion magazines and BLT.
– Her favorite seasons are spring, summer, and fall.
– Her favorite fashion brands are Snidel, Language, Deicy.
– Her favorite town is Upper Manhattan, New York.
– Her favorite AKB single is “Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka?”.
– Her favorite mascot is Sanrio’s “My Melody”.
– She had a special event for fans called “Kojima Haruna and 50 Bridegrooms” that took place on May 18, 2015, to celebrate 150,000 sales of her photobook. 50 lucky fans who bought Kojima’s photobook “Dousuru?” were chosen to attend the event where they would experience getting married to her. Kojima showed up in a wedding dress and took a photo with all 50 bridegrooms. [oricon.co.jp]
– She felt worried when she was wearing a wedding dress before getting married at the “Kojima Haruna and 50 Bridegrooms” event because it could jinx her chances in the future.
– As of 2015, she wants to go on blind dates.
– She passed the auditions for AKB thanks to a selfie. She took a selfie in high school and thought it was cute so sent it for auditions. As expected she passed. [Peach John Selfie Party]
– She hated being a center in AKB48 and it made her feel awkward. In an interview, she openly said that she had no aspirations to be in an attention-seeking position, and thought it’d be good to graduate peacefully. She was informed about her new position 1 or 2 weeks before the PV shooting. [sponichi.co.jp]
Haruna Kojima’s Ideal Type: “My ideal type is someone kind, funny, and calm. Someone who doesn’t expect anything of me.” [Kojima Haruna and 50 Bridegrooms 2015]

Haruna Kojima in Movies:
Iine! Iine! Iine! (イイネ!イイネ!イイネ!) | 2017 – Maki
Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou: The Movie (私立バカレア高校) | 2012 – Mizuhara Marina
The Suicide Song (伝染歌) | 2007 – Kiriko

Haruna Kojima in Drama Series:
Cabasuka Gakuen (キャバすか学園) | 2016 – Konbu / Kojiharu (Ep. 4)
AKB Horror Night – Adrenaline no Yoru (AKBホラーナイト アドレナリンの夜) | 2015 – Ms. Kaede (Ep. 22)
Majisuka Gakuen 5 (マジすか学園5) | 2015 – Torigoya (Ep. 2)
Majisuka Gakuen 4 (マジすか学園 4) | 2015 – Kojiharu (Ep. 1)
Aoi Honoo (アオイホノオ) | 2014 – Masumi Kogarashi
So Long | 2013 – Komiyama Kaoru (Ep. 3)
Priceless (PRICELESS ~あるわけねぇだろ,んなもん!~) | 2012 – Tomizawa Moe (ep3-5,7-10)
Megutan tte Mahou Tsukaeru no? (メグたんって魔法つかえるの?) | 2012 – Megutan
Ikemen Desu Ne (美男ですね) | 2011 – NANA [Idol]
Majisuka Gakuen 2 (マジスカ学園 2) | 2011 – Torigoya (Ep. 1, 8, 12)
Sakura Kara No Tegami (桜からの手紙) | 2011 – Herself
Majisuka Gakuen (マジスカ学園) | 2010 – Torigoya
Mei-chan no Shitsuji (メイちゃんの執事) | 2009 – Nao Takenomiya [Master]
Mendol (メン☆ドル) | 2008 – Asahi Wakamatsu / Riku
Yasuko to Kenji (ヤスコとケンジ) | 2008 – Shingyoji
Gokusen 3 (ごくせん 3) | 2008 – Fujimura Saki [Satoru’s girlfriend] (Ep. 6)
Muri na Renai (無理な恋愛) | 2008 – Ogawa Asako
Koinrokkaa monogatari (コインロッカー物語) | 2008 – Miki Hayama
Joshi Deka (ジョシデカ!-女子刑事-) | 2007 (Ep.2)
Yamada Taro Monogatari (山田太郎ものがたり) | 2007 – Kotone Usui

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