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Great Seoul Invasion (Survival Show) Profile

Great Seoul Invasion (Survival Show) Profile

Great Seoul Invasion (그레이트 서울 인베이전) is survival show formed by Mnet Tvn and Mr.g, with the aim of forming the best band. The show started airing from 29th June 2022, each Wednesday at 21:40pm (KST), and will have 10 Episodes.

Yoon Park(윤박) (MC)

Team Leaders/Mentors:
Ko Young Bae(고영배) x Kwon Eun Bi(권은비)

Minue(노민우) x Lee Seung Hyub(이승협) & Kim Jae Hyun(김재현) (N.Flying)

Yoon Sunghyun(윤성현) (Thornapple) x Kim Jae Hwan(김재환)

Peppertones(페퍼톤스) x Jukjae(적재)

Round 0
The first round was the audition to enter the survival battle, in which 48 bands competed.
The bands qualified for the next round based on the number of likes they received for their audition videos uploaded on Youtube.

The entering bands were gradually revealed giving a total of 18 K-bands:

D82 Members:
Vocalist Guitarist: Han Seung Yoon(한승윤)
Bassist: Kim Eunse(김은세)
Keyboard: Kim Chang hyeon(김창현)
Drummer: Hwang Min Jae(황민재)

Lacuna Members:
Vocalist Guitarist: Jang Kyungmin (장경민)
Guitarist: Minhyuk Jung (정민혁)
Bassist: Kim Ho(김호)
Drummer: Oisag (오이삭)

PATZ Members:
Vocalist: Seo Byung-soo(서병수)
Guitarist: Park Jae-hee(박재희)
Bassist: Kim Yu-min(김유민)
Drummer: Kim Jeong-hoon(김정훈)

SURL Members:
Vocalist Guitarist: Seol Hoseung(설호승)
Guitarist: Kim Doyeon(김도연)
Bassist: Lee Hanbin(이한빈)
Drummer: Birth name: Oh Myeongsuk(오명석)

UNDER HiLLS Members:
Vocalist Guitarist: Park Ma-seong(박마성)
Guitarist: Jo Hyuk(조혁)
Bassist: Kim Beom-su(김범수)
Keyboard: AIRAIR
Drummer: Kim Min-jae(김민재 )

W24 Members:
Vocalist: Chung Ho Won(정호원)
Guitarist: Kim Yun Soo(김윤수)
Keyboardist: Aaron Park(박아론)
Drummer: Kim Jong Gil(김종길)

Walking After U Members:
Vocalist Guitarist: Baek Haein (백해인)
Bassist: Jo Hangyeom (조한겸)
Keyboardist: Kim Seonghee (김성희)
Drummer: Seo Ahyeon(서아현)

Band Nah Members:
Vocalist Guitarist: Na Sang-hyun(나상현)
Bassist: Baek Seung-ryeol(백승렬)
Drummer: Kang Hyun-woong(강현웅)

Macguffin (MGFF) Members:
Vocalist Guitarist: Byeon Haeun(변하은)
Guitarist: Bae Joon-il (배준일)
Bassist: Yeong Uhi (영우히)
Drummer: SNOOQ (스눅)

South Club Members:
Vocalist: Nam Tae Hyun(남태현)
Guitarist Kang Min Jun(강민준)
Bassist: Jung Hoe Min(정회민)
Drummer: Lee Dong Keun(이동근)

Owalloil Members:
Vocalist Guitarist: Ryu Jiho(류지호)
Guitarist: Jang Tae-woong(장태웅)
Keyboardist: Kwak Ji-hyun(곽지현)

YudabinBand Members:
Vocalist Guitarist: Yu Dabin(유다빈)
Guitarist: Lee Junhyung(이준형)
Bassist: Cho Youngyoon(조영윤)
Keyboardist: YOU
Drummer: Lee Sangwoon(이상운)

ONEWE Members:
Vocalist: Yoon Hoon(용훈)
Guitarist: Kang Hyun(강현)
Bassist: CyA (키아)
Keyboardist: Dong Myeong(동명)
Drummer: Ha Rin(하린)

The Next Generation Members:
Vocalist Guitarist: Lee Chan-hee(이찬희)
Guitarist: Lee Jun-hyung(이준형)
Bassist: Nam Gorae(남고래)
Drummer: Lee Won-hee(이원희)

Touched Members:
Vocalist Guitarist: Yun Min (윤민)
Guitarist: D.On (디온)
Bassist: John B. Kim (존비킴)
Keyboardist: Chae Dohyeon (채도현)
Drummer: Kim Seungbin (김승빈)

Hangronan Members:
Vocalist Guitarist: Koo Ja-myung(구자명)
Guitarist: Hyeon-bin Cha(차현빈)
Bassist: Ji-ae(지애)
Drummer: Kim Seon-woo(김선우)

Hey Men Members:
Vocalist: DoYeong (도영)
Guitarist: Terry Kim (테리킴)
Drummer: GongTan (공탄)

Hwanho Members:
Vocalist Guitarist: Yoo Hwan-joo(유환주)
Guitarist: Kim Ri-da(김리다)
Bassist: Sugar Kim (슈가킴)
Drummer: Ahn Byung-jun(안병준)

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