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EXN 을씨년 Profile & Facts

EXN 을씨년 Profile: EXN 을씨년 Facts

EXN 을씨년 is a South Korean rapper and a singer under Unusual Sound. She made her debut on March 12, 2021, with a single “ANSWER”.

Stage Name: EXN
Korean Stage Name: 을씨년
Birth Name: Joo Hee-Won (주희원)
Birthday: September 21, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Instagram: @exnybg
SoundCloud: exnybg
Agency Profile: EXN

EXN Facts:
– As soon as she was born in Seoul, she moved to Busan so now she says that she is from Busan.
– She lives in Seoul, South Korea.
– She has an older sister.
– She has been building her fanbase on Soundcloud since 2017.
– She signed with Unusual Sound in 2019.
– She majored in design in high school.
– She composes, writes lyrics, makes album covers.
– She came up with the name “EXN” in the second grade of middle school.
– She put both stage names to the test to check the compatibility and both showed 100%.
– She wasn’t sure if she should use 을씨년 as her name because it kinda sounds like profanity but because of the test, she decided to go with it.
– She visited Atlanta, Georgia in 2016.
– She drew the animation used in her music video for “Scared Straight”.
– She is a creative soul, that’s why she is into drawing and making music.
– Her parents were against her pursuing a music career. Now they’re supporting.
– She was inspired by pop artists like Daft Punk and PartyNextDoor to make music.
– An artist that she would like to collaborate with is Crush.
– She is good at understanding English but not speaking.
– She can watch scary movies like “Exorcists” but without jumpscares and loud noises. Also, she is not good with ghosts.
– She was influenced by her older sister who is also into art.
– The most important thing for her is a diary where she writes every single day.
– Her hobby is playing League Of Legends and Teamfight Tactics Mobile.
– She loves a lot of songs by Crush but one of her favorite ones is “Looking 4”.
– One of her favorite songs is Geeks – F.U.L.U since high school. She has a lot of memories with this song.
– She made her first radio show appearance on Arirang Radio in April 2021.

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