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errday jinju (얼돼) Profile

errday Profile, Facts and Ideal Type:

errday / 얼돼
is an rapper from South Korea, Jinju who debuted in 2015 under NMWM ENT.

Rap Name: errday / Errday Jinju / 얼돼
Birth Name: Yoo Kyungsoo / 유경수
Birthday: 29th of January, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 170cm / 5’7”
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean
IG: do_it_errday
SoundCloud: errdayjinju
YouTube: Errday Jinju

errday Facts:
– His MBTI is ENFP.
– Hometown is Jinju, South Korea.
– Family: Parents. Unknown if he has any siblings.
– He likes coffee, he prefers Maxim coffee.
– Speaks Korean, English and a bit of Japanese.
– Former contestant on Show Me The Money 777.
– Education: Daea High School and Jinju Health College.
– Debuted in 2015 with ‘노답 Part. 1‘ under NMWM Entertainment.
– Multiple tattoos; two small stars on his pinkie, one rose on his ring finger, a snake on his middle finger,
a creature on his index finger, one big star on the side of his neck, one bigger rose on the center of his neck,
butterfly / bird on the other side of his neck, and another neck tattoo.
– Multiple piercings; two earlobes, dahlia bites and one eyebrow piercing.
– Collaborated with Zene the Zilla, malkey, BE’O, SAN E , Don Mills and Deepflow.
– In 2020, he appeared on CashCowStudio‘s YT channel 3 times.
1st appearance
2nd appearance
3rd appearance
– Released 3 new tracks on SC in April 2022; ‘mut‘, ‘Spring‘ and ‘2.0‘.
errday’s Ideal Type: N/A

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Latest Release: 젊음 ft. ZENE THE ZILLA

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