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BLACKPINK Pets (PetPink)

BLACKPINK Pets (PetPink)

Jennie’s, Jisoo’s, Rosé’s, and Lisa’s pets.


Jisoo has a small dog named Dalgom.

– He is a white maltese dog.
– Dalgom has a relaxed and quiet personality.
– He doesn’t like Lisa because she often tries to play with him instead of leaving him alone.
– His birthday is May 15.
– Jisoo has tried to train Dalgom, but he doesn’t like training.
– Since Jisoo has bad sleep paralysis and nightmares, so Dalgom makes her feel safer and makes sleeping easier.


Jennie has two dogs: Kuma and Kai


– He is a brown Pomeranian.
– Kuma is very close with Dalgom (Jisoo’s dog).
– He learns tricks from Jennie.
– Sweet potato is one on Kuma’s favorites.
– He got the name “Kuma” because it means “bear” in Japanese.
– His favorite toy is his pink squeaky toy.
– Birthplace: South Korea
– Since the two grew up together, Kuma is very close with Kai, Jennie’s other dog.

– He is a white Cocker Spaniel.
– Kai is fairly quiet and shy.
– Birthplace: South Korea
– Kai lives with Jennie’s family, not Jennie.
– He was featured in BLACKPINK’s Ice Cream lyric video.


Rosé has one dog named Hank as well as a fish named Joohwangie.

– Hank has his own instagram account with over 3.3 million followers.
– Rosé adopted Hank from a shelter in December of 2020.
– Hank is a mixed breed dog.
– He was born in May of 2020.
– Before being adopted by Rosé, Hank had a skin disease and extreme malnutrition after being abandoned.
– He is very good with learning tricks.
– Hank’s name before Rosé adopted him was “Mir”.
– He is sociable and likes spending time with other dogs. His best friend is a dog named Salgoo.

– He stays with Rosé’s family.
– “Amazing Saturday” and SBS “We Will Channel You” both featured Joohwangie.
– The BLACKPINK members say that Joohwang’s personality is similar to a dog’s.
– He does a trick where he follows Rosé’s hand.


Lily, Leo, Love, Louis, and Luca: Lisa’s “L Family”.

– He was born February 9th in 2018.
– He is a Scottish Fold cat.
– Leo is a very active and spirited personality.
– He is very good friends with Jisoo’s dog, Dalgom.
– He tends to bite BLACKPINK members.

– He is a Ragdoll cat.
– Luca was born is June of 2018.
– He has a kitten named Lily, another one of Lisa’s cats.

– He is a British Shorthair.
– His birthday is in August (born in 2019).
– Lisa revealed Louis during one of her VLives with Rosé.
– He has blue eyes.

– She is a Ragdoll cat.
– Lily has a twin who is named Mingus.
– She was born June 14, 2019.
– Lily was featured in BLACKPINK’s Ice Cream lyric video.
– Her father is Luca, one of Lisa’s other cats.
– She was revealed during a VLive with Lisa and Rosé.
– She’s the only female PetPink member.

– He is a male Doberman.
– He was born in April 2021.
– Lisa revealed Love is August of 2021.
– Love made an appearance in BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down” music video.

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