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BEFORE SUNRISE Part. 1 ( T1419) Album Info

T1419’s BEFORE SUNRISE Part. 1 Album Info

BEFORE SUNRISE Part. 1 is T1419’s debut album. The album and music video were released 11 January, 2021. ASURABALBALTA is the title track. The album consists of 3 tracks one of them being an instrumental.

Type: Single Album
Artist: T1419
Release: January 11, 2021
Genre: Dance,Pop
Length: 10:44
Label: MLD Entertainment

Track listing:

  1. “Asurabalbalta (아수라발발타)” – 3:38
  2. “Butt Out” – 3:27
  3. “Asurabalbalta (아수라발발타) (Inst.)” – 3:38

Video Links:
Spoiler Video
Video Teaser Leo
Video Teaser Kio
Video Teaser Zero
Video Teaser Noa
Video Teaser Sian
Video Teaser Kevin
Video Teaser Gunwoo
Video Teaser On
Video Teaser Kairi
Unit Video Teaser NOA / LEO / KIO
Unit Video Teaser GUNWOO / ON / ZERO
Unit Video Teaser SIAN / KEVIN / KAIRI
MV Teaser 1
MV Teaser 2
Intro Video
“ASURABALBATA” Performance Video

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