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Aisa Profile and Facts

Aisa Profile and Facts

Aisa is a Sakha singer. She debuted on 2015 with the single “Ардах (Rain)”.

Aisa Social Media:
Instagram: aisa_sedalisheva
YouTube: Айталина Седалищева

Stage Name: Aisa (Айса)
Birth Name: Aitalina Anatoliyevna Sedalisсheva (Aйталина Анатольевна Седалищева)
Birthday: November 30, 1993
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rooster
MBTI Type: I—

Aisa Facts:
– She was born in Boltongo village, Churapchinski district, her father’s place.
– She was raised in Bolugur village, Amginski district, her mother’s place.
– Her father is a head of an emergency bureau, her mother Liya is a teacher of Russian language & literature.
– She has two younger siblings: her sister is a singer at a theater, her brother is a college student.
– Her father is also a singer.
– Graduated from Ammosov NEFU, Faculty of Philology, Department of Russian Language & Literature.
– She is a student at Zhirkov Music College.
– She doesn’t listen much to other singers.
– She has a habit of sleeping until noon.
– She likes Asian spicy food, but she doesn’t like sweets.
– She loves eating stroganina fish.
– Of all sushi types, she likes classic ones.
– She used to sing only at home, after moving to Yakutsk she entered a famous Sakha singer Arkadiy Alekseyev’s ensemble.
– She made into that ensemble in 2012 by casting.
– She got her stage name Aisa by combining letters of her first name and surname. She got it when she was in the Alekseyev’s ensemble.
– She began her professional path in 2014 by participating in a regional singing contest.
– For now she lives in Yakutsk with her sister.
– She also works as a real estate agent.
– She can sing in a male’s voice.

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