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In Diversity (UN1TY) Album Info

“In Diversity” Album info

‘In Diversity’ is the first Indonesian Full-length album by UN1TY released on January 26, 2022 (physical) and September 26, 2022 (digital). The album consists of 8 tracks (physical), 11 tracks (digital).

Artist: UN1TY
Released: January 26, 2022 (Physical), September 26, 2022 (Digital)
Type: Full-length
Recorded: 2019-2022
Genre: Indo-pop
Length: 27:02 (Physical), 36:16 (Digital)
Writer(s): UN1TY, Patrick Effendy, Bianca, Ifa Fachir, 153/Joombas and others;
Producer(s): UN1TY, Patrick Effendy, Dimas Wibisana, Ifa Fachir, Hyuk Shin, Jeff Lewis, and others

Label: 1ID Entertainment

Track Listing:
1. “Coba Cintaku” – 3:27
2. “SATU” – 3:26
3. “Pangeran Tidur” – 4:43
4. “Terbunuh Sepi” – 4:33
5. “No Mellow!” – 3:19
6. “Restu Waktu” – 3:51
7. “Baby” – 3:35
8. “Friendzone (OST “Dari Jendela SMP” TV Series)” – 3:22
9. “SO BAD” – 3:43
10. “It’s Alright” – 3:05
11. “8=1 (OST UN1Trip)” – 2:47

Video links:
“Coba Cintaku” Music Video
(Minus One) Lyrics Video
Coba Cintaku Audio Story
MV Teaser
“Satu” Music Video
Dance Practice
Dance Practice (Still Version)
“SATU” Creative Music Video (Aulion ft. UN1TY)
MV Teaser
“Pangeran Tidur” Music Video
Dance Practice
“Pangeran Tidur” Duet Version (feat. Misellia)
MV Teaser
MV Trailer
“Terbunuh Sepi” Music Video
MV teaser
“No Mellow!” Music Video
Dance Performance Version
Dance Practice
MV Teaser
Song Teaser
“Restu Waktu” Music Video
MV Teaser
“Baby” Music Video
Dance Practice
MV Teaser
“Friendzone” Music Video
Dance Practice
“So Bad” Music Video
Dance Practice
MV Teaser
“It’s Alright” Music Video
Music Video (Selfie Ver)
MV Teaser

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