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‘Turn Over’ (SF9) Album Info

‘Turn Over’ (SF9) Album Info

Turn Over is the ninth mini album from boy group SF9. It was released digitally and physically on July 5th 2021 by FNC Entertainment and distributed by FNC Entertainment. The album contains 6 songs, including the title track Tear Drop. The album also contains the track Believer (숨) which SF9 released as their finale song for Kingdom Legendary War.

Artist: SF9
Released: July 5, 2021
Type: Mini Album
Recorded: 2021
Genre: Dance
Length: 20:08
Label: FNC Entertainment
Zuho, Hwiyoung, Youngbin, Chani & more

Track List

1. “Tear Drop” – 3:17
2. “Believer (숨)” – 3:31
3. “Love Again (한 번 더 사랑하자)” – 3:22
4. “Off My Mind (하자 하자 이별 좀)” – 3:19
5. “Fanatic (방방 뛰어)” – 3:12
6. “Hey Hi Bye” – 3:27

Video Links
‘Tear Drop’ Music Video
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