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tripleS “ACCESS” Album Info

tripleS ACCESS Album Info
tripleS ACCESS is the sub-unit debut of tripleS. The mini album was released on October 28, consiting of 6 tracks.

Artists: tripleS Acid Angel From Asia (Yooyeon, Hyerin, Nakyoung, Yubin)
Release Date: October 28, 2022
Length: 13:45
Genre: K-POP
Type: Mini Album
Label: MODHAUS, Kakao Entertainment
Lyrics: Jaden Jeong, Sung-woo Kim, EL CAPITXN, Vendors (Nano), G-High (MonoTree), Choi Yeon-kyung, Lee Yi-jin (153/Joombas)
Composers: EL CAPITXN, Vendors (Nano), Maria Marcus, Louise Frick Sveen, BADD, Stella Jones (153/Joombas), G-High (MonoTree), Kwon Ae-jin (MonoTree), Choi Yeon-kyung, Gionata Caracciolo, Alex Marton, San Yoon, Isa Guerra, Yoon Jong-seong, pdly (MonoTree)
Arrangers: EL CAPITXN, Vendors (Nano), BADD, Gionata Caracciolo, Alex Marton

1. Access (Intro) – 0:45
2. Generation – 2:44
3. Rolex – 3:12
4. Charla – 3:03
5. Dimension (AAA ver.) – 3:11
6. +(82) (Outro) – 0:47

Highlight Medley
Generation Teaser (Acid Ver.)
Generation Teaser (Base Ver.)
Generation Official Music Video
Generation Dance Performance Ver.
Generation Fan Chant Guide

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