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Taeri (Girl Crush) Tattoos

Taeri (Girl Crush) Tattoos

Taeri (태리) is a member of the girl group Girl Crush under DAM Entertainment.
Below you can find a full list of her (known) tattoos as of November 2020!

Taeri has 4 known tattoos.
1 – Japanese style chrysanthemum
2 – Crowned woman
3 – index finger
4 – middle finger

 On her left(?) shoulder she has a tattoo of a Japanese style chrysanthemum along with cherry blossoms. She has had this tattoo since predebut.



 On her right stomach/hip she has a tattoo of a Crowned Woman holding a skull, there are some candles in the background too. She has had this tattoo since predebut.



On her right(?) hand she has two tattoos, one on her pinky , the other on her ring. She was first seen with these tattoos in an Instagram post on November 10, 2018 (predebut). She has not explained the meaning behind these tattoos.. or what they say.

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