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SuperBand JTBC (Final) Profile

SuperBand JTBC (Final) Profile

The final was divided into two parts, the semi-final and the final.
The semifinal in order to put a band in sixth and fifth place was decided by a point system and only two performances, the bands earned points in two ways:

  1. Producer Score: the judges rate the presentations of the songs that each group performs
  2. Audience Score: The Audience voted the performances of the bands

Those two Scores were added together and gave a Total Score, this method was also done with the first and second Perfomance, at the end of the two Perfomances, the Total Scores were added to see who had more points, according to the number of points they had and not were left with the lowest points between the bands were not eliminated

Hoppípolla (호피폴라)

Kim Young So (guitarist)
Hong Jin Ho (cello)
Ha Hyun Sang (vocalist, guitarist, keyboard)
I’ll (vocalist, guitarist, keyboard, percussion)

LUCY (루시)

Shin Gwang Il (vocalist, drummer)
Lee Ju Hyuk (vocalist, guitarist)
Shin Ye Chan (violinist)
Cho Won Sang (bassist)

Purple Rain (퍼플레인)

Nau Lee (piano, keyboard)
Jeong Gwang Hyun (drummer)
Chae Bo Hoon (vocalist)
Yang Ji Wan (guitarist)
Kim Ha Jin (bassist)
Moné (모네)

Hong Isaac (vocalist, guitarist, keyboard)
Woosung (vocalist & guitarist)
Benji (vocalist, violinist,Bassist,Dj)
Zai.Ro (vocalist, guitarist)
Hwang Min Jae (drummer)
AfterMoon (애프터문)

Choi Young Jin (drummer)
DPOLE (keyboard, launchpad)
Kevin Oh (vocalist & guitarist)
Lee Jong Hoon (bassist)
People on the Bridge (피플 온 더 브릿지)

Kim Joon Hyup (electric guitarist)
Lee Chan Sol (vocalist, guitarist)
Kang Kyoung Yoon (Drummer)
Lim Hyeong Bin (vocalist, guitarist, piano, keyboardist)
Kim Hyung Woo (bassist)
Results after semi-finals
3Purple Rain14,580Yes
4Moné14 440Yes
6People on the Bridge13,830No


Aftermoon and People On The Bridge Were Disqualified
After that the remaining bands went to the final


The final was decided by the Total Points of the 2 performances of the semi-final + the votes of the spectators: the Online Pre-voting and the Text Message Voting. Those 3 scores were added to give the final verdict of the Total Scores. Hoppipolla is the winner

Final results
RankingTeamTotal points
3Purple Rain39,052


What were your favorite bands?

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