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Stray Kids: Who is Who?

Stray Kids: Who is Who?

[October 6, 2017] Hellevator

[January 7, 2018] Grrr 총량의 법칙

[January 15, 2018] 어린 날개 (Spread My Wings)

[March 25, 2018] District 9

[March 31, 2018] Grow Up

[August 6, 2018] My Pace

[August 27, 2018] Awkward Silence

[October 22, 2018] I Am YOU

[November 14, 2018] Get Cool

[March 24, 2019] MIROH

[June 19, 2019] Side Effects

[October 9, 2019] Double Knot

Note: At this point, Woojin left the group

[November 13, 2019] Astronaut

[December 9, 2019] Levanter

[December 26, 2019] Gone Days

[March 25, 2020] On Track

[June 17, 2020] God’s Menu

[July 5, 2020] Easy

[September 14, 2020] Back Door

[June 25, 2021] Mixtape: OH

[August 23, 2021] Thunderous

[November 29, 2021] Christmas EveL

[November 30, 2021] Winter Falls

[December 5, 2021] 24 to 25

[March 17, 2022] MANIAC

[March 22, 2022] VENOM

[March 26, 2022] Lonely St.

[March 27, 2022] FREEZE

[May 31, 2022] Your Eyes

[June 9, 2022] CIRCUS

Made by: yaversetwo

Note 1: The date next to the MV title is the release date for the music video, not necessarily the song’s official release.

Note 2: These are just the official Korean MVs. It would take a lot longer to do every Japanese release and performance video. However, if you are a new stay and would like for me to make a who is who for a specific video, please do not hesitate to ask! Just comment (please tag my name in the comment so I will get notified) and I will try to get it done asap.

Note 3: Sorry for the quality of some of the pictures. It can be really hard to get good screenshots for everyone.

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What MV has your favorite looks? Feel free to comment down below!

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