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Which Songs Released in March 2020 Were Your Favorites?

Songs Released in March 2020

Kick It by NCT 127

Do Or Die by AleXa

ARIA by CRAXY (Debut)

Howling from VICTON


GRAVITY by Ong Seongwu

바보라도 알아 by Stray Kids

A Song Written Easily by ONEUS

BREATH by Hong Eunki

NUMNUM by Daydream (Debut)

Matter of Time by Lee Naeun and Lee Jinsol (APRIL)

Come With The Wind by Yook Sungjae

Endless Night by Dreamcatcher (Japanese)



Plant by Sejeong (Gugudan)

VALENTi by Purple Beck

Magnolia by TOO (Debut)

Hold by WINNER

Fallin’ Flower by Seventeen (Japanese)

Unfamiliar by H&D (Debut)

100 Ways by Jackson Wang

Cassette by Demian (Debut)

Love The Moon by VIINI

Let’s Love by SUHO (Debut)

A Song for You by Gaho

2U by Kang Daniel

Don’t Know by MY.st

Sweet Night by V

Primero by KISUM

Wish on the Same Sky by Monsta X (Japanese)

Smile by Seven O’Clock

Color Eye by Park Woojin

Break Up by Lim Youngmin

Newly by BewhY

Magnolia by TOO (Debut)

NOTE: If I am missing any of your favorite comebacks, please let me know in the comments! <3

Which Songs Released in March 2020 were your Favorites? (Pick 5)

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Which songs released in March 2020 were your favorites? Feel free to comment below and let us know! 🙂

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