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Song Seung-heon Profile & Facts

Song Seung-heon Profile: Song Seung-heon Facts and Ideal Type

Song Seung-heon (송승헌) is a South Korean actor under King Kong by Starship Entertainment. 

Name: Song Seung-heon (송승헌)
Birthday: October 05, 1976
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 180cm (5′10″)
Weight: 73kg (161 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @songseungheon1005
Twitter: @SongSH
Facebook: OfficialSSH
Weibo: officialssh
Official Fansite: songseungheon.com
Agency Profile: SONG SEUNGHEON

Song Seung-heon Facts:
– His hometown is Seoul, Gangbuk District, South Korea.
– He has a brother and a sister. Seung-heon is the youngest.
– Education: Seoul Younghoon Elementary School, Seoul National University Middle School, Younghoon High School.
– He majored in Visual Media & Art.
– Religion: Protestantism.
– His hobbies are watching movies, collecting DVDs, and playing games.
– His specialties are skiing and swimming.
– He debuted as a model in 1995.
– Before his debut in 1995, he worked part-time at a cafe.
– He is best friends with actor So Ji-sub.
– In 2002, he dated a former Fin.K.L member Sung Yu-ri.
– He created his own management company under the name Storm S Company in 2009.
– He is a fan of comedian Park Na Rae. He said she’s beautiful and once was interested in going on a date with her, forgetting later that he said something like that. [I Live Alone]
– He was dating actress Liu Yifei since 2015. They’ve broken up in 2018.
– In 2015 there went a rumor based on a wedding photo that he got married which he denied in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.
– He wants his wedding to be a surprise and do it very quietly. He thinks Won Bin‘s marriage was a great idea as it was a time for the two of them and the closest people.
– He is against dating in public. He won’t announce his relationship status unless he gets caught.
– There is a Chinese guy who has gone to countless plastic surgeons in Guangzhou to look like Seung-heon. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, a reporter showed a photo of him to Seung-heon getting a response that he looks handsome.
– When it comes to taking care of himself, he goes to dermatologist 4 times a week, uses 3 to 4 facial masks, and gets massages 5 times a week. [Entertainment Weekly]
– He met model Jang Yoon-ju in 1998 when shooting a jeans catalog.
– When he was younger he was into girls with Jang Yoon-ju style but his taste changed since then. [Star Date 2012]
– Whenever he was asked what actress he wants to work with, his answer was always Ha Ji-won.
– For him, the most memorable film that he was cast in was Three Guys and Three Girls (1996).
– He has his own wax figure at the new K-wave zone at Madame Tussauds Singapore alongside Lee Min-ho, Kim Woo-bin, and Bea Suzy. [Website]
– He owns a Blacksmith Sinsa Restaurant that was opened on December 22, 2011. [YouTube]
– When he was little, his first dream was to manage a hotel with his name on it.
– In an interview from 2014 he said “I’m still looking forward to meeting my destiny, my true love. I don’t think I have met her, and if she is out there, I just hope she comes to find me soon.” [YouTube]
– He can’t really say that he has a huge affection for something.
– He feels like his first love was at first sight in high school. He describes this moment as “I saw her and she saw me, and there was this lighting. There was this complete silence and it was very special. That’s how I remember it.”, he also adds “Yes, it ended and we moved on. But I hope I can find another one like that. Because I have experienced it and I know how it feels, I know this is what I am looking for”.
– After becoming an artist he hasn’t seen his first love nor a picture of her. But he was curious how she changed over the years, asking about her and heard that she is now happily married.
– He can’t really see himself as a husband or father so when that moment comes, it will be a huge step for him.
– In 2015 he revealed that he believes he will get married before his close friend, actor So Ji Sub. Ji Sub got married first in 2020.
– He was an average student that studied very hard.
– He uses a very loud phone alarm because nothing quieter can wake him up. [I Live Alone]
– He eats colostrum in powder, then drinks water. [I Live Alone]
– He tries to eat an apple every day. He says it tastes good in the morning. [I Live Alone]
– He can break apples in half with bare hands. [I Live Alone]
– He was a member of a vocal ensemble as the second tenor in high school. [I Live Alone]
– When he doesn’t work out, he doesn’t feel well. So he tries to work out whenever he has time. [I Live Alone]
– He loves ballad songs (mellow and sweet) and hates loud music. [I Live Alone]
– One of the best things he has done in his life is quitting smoking. He is really glad he did that in 2005. [I Live Alone]
– He can break an egg with one hand. [I Live Alone]
– He makes protein shakes with chicken breast, honey, dried kelp powder, noni powder, broccoli powder. He says it tastes nutty and you can get used to it. [I Live Alone]
– He cooks chicken breast in the microwave.
– He enjoys watching “I Live Alone”.
– He used to like the instant coffee mix that contains sugar and creamer. One day he received a grinder as a gift and developed a habit of drinking black coffee. He can’t stand the taste of instant coffee anymore and drink a cup or two of black coffee every day. [I Live Alone]
– He listens to songs by Paul Kim, Queen, among many others.
– He really likes water. He loves to swim, he loves the ocean, and his mood improves dramatically when it rains.
– He owns the driving license.
– When he was younger, he used to go fishing with his uncle. He caught fishes that were 60cm~70cm.
– He says that he is the best at making tteokbokki.
– He plays yutnori with his own rules.
– Song Seung-heon’s Ideal Type: “I get a lot of questions about what I am looking for in a partner. But I don’t really have anything in particular, if she comes to me and I like her then she will become who I am looking for. I think about my first love a lot because it was impactful. I hope, I can fall in love like I was then. But if I have to be particular, I am looking for someone who is pure. She doesn’t have to be too pretty. I like someone who is calm, pure, and feminine. I think I like women like that.” [TODAYonline 2014]

Song Seung-heon in Movies:
Air Strike (대폭격) | 2018 – An Ming Xun / An Ming He
Man of Will (대장 김창수) | 2017 – Kang Hyung Shik
The Third Way of Love (제3의 사랑) | 2015 – Lin Qi Zheng
Wonderful Nightmare (미쓰 와이프) | 2015 – Sung Hwan
Obsessed (인간중독) | 2014 – Colonel Kim Jin Pyung
Lucid Dreaming | 2011 (short film)
Ghost: In Your Arms Again (ゴースト もういちど抱きしめたい) | 2010 – Kim Jun-ho
A Better Tomorrow (무적자) | 2010 – Lee Young-choon
Fate (숙명) | 2008 – Kim Woo-min
He Was Cool (그 놈은 멋있었다) | 2004 – Ji Eun-sung
Ice Rain (빙우) | 2004 – Han Woo-sung
So Close (버추얼 웨폰) | 2002 – Yen
Make It Big (일단 뛰어) | 2002 – Seong-hwan
Calla (카라) | 1999 – Kim Sun-woo

Song Seung-heon in Drama Series:
Dinner Mate (저녁 같이 드실래요?) | 2020, MBC – Kim Hae-kyeong
The Great Show (위대한 쇼) | 2019, tvN – Wie Dae-Han
Player (플레이어) | 2018, OCN – Kang Ha-ri
Black (블랙) | 2017, OCN – Han Moo-gang (Detective) / Black (Grim Reaper #444)
Saimdang, Memoir of Colors (사임당, 빛의 일기) | 2017, SBS – Lee Gyeom
When a Man Falls in Love (남자가 사랑할 때) | 2013, MBC – Han Tae-sang
Dr. Jin (타임슬립 닥터 진) | 2012, MBC – Jin Hyuk
My Princess (마이 프린세스) | 2011, MBC – Park Hae-young
East of Eden (에덴의 동쪽) | 2008, MBC – Lee Dong-chul
Summer Scent (여름향기) | 2003 , KBS2 – Yoo Min-woo
Law Firm (로펌) | 2001, SBS – Jung Young-woong
Autumn in My Heart (가을 동화) | 2000, KBS2 – Yoon Joon-seo
Popcorn (팝콘) | 2000, SBS – Lee Young-hoon
Love Story: “Message” (러브스토리) | 1999, SBS – Joon Sung (ep. 3-4)
Happy Together (해피 투게더) | 1999, SBS – Seo Ji-suk
Winners (승부사) | 1998, SBS – Jeong Min Soo
You and I (그대 그리고 나) | 1997, MBC – Park Min-kyu
Beautiful Lady (아름다운 그녀) | 1997, SBS
Three Guys and Three Girls (남자셋 여자셋) | 1996, MBC – Seong-heon

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