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September 2021 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases

If there’s any songs I’m missing please comment so I can add it to the list! 🙂 Any song releases from (V-pop/J-pop/K-Pop/C-pop/T-Pop etc.) (OST’s Not Included) (Always listed by Title Track & not album name).


★August 20th★
Beomhan [M.O.N.T Arena]  x Roda ║〘Ashes〙[Pre-Debut Release]
LUCY ║〘동문서답 (Irrelevant Answer)〙[Comeback]
Pentatonix ║〘A Little Space (ft. Yunho, San, & Jongho of ATEEZ)〙[Release]

★August 21st★
DIOS ║〘Touch me〙[Pre-Debut Release]
BGYO ║〘The Baddest〙[Comeback]
V-Hawk ║〘Is It Raining?〙[Comeback]
HALF [Jihun of KNK] ║〘Behind U (ft. YunGGI)〙[Release]
Jenyer ║〘SOOP (ft.Gayoon)〙[Comeback]
Lara [LIMHARA] ║〘Swim In The Ocean〙[Solo Comeback]
Jvde Milez ║〘THE LIGHT〙[Comeback]

★August 22nd★
NOA ║〘LET GO (ft. Jeon Woong [AB6IX])〙[Japanese Release]
BOOKKU DDOONG (부끄뚱) ║〘은근히 낯가려요 (ft. RAVI)〙[Debut]
Seori ║〘Dive with you (ft. eaJ)〙[Release]

★August 23rd★
Stray Kids ║〘소리꾼 (Thunderous)〙[Comeback]
VeriVery ║〘Trigger〙[Comeback]
T1419 ║〘Flex〙[Comeback]
PKCZ ║〘Bon-Noh-Kai-Ho-Un-Do〙[Release]
Brave Girls ║〘Drinking Habit (After We Ride)〙[Comeback]

★August 24th★
Kwon EunBi ║〘Door〙[Debut]
CL ║〘SPICY〙[Release]
Loco ║〘이대로만 (Just Like This) (ft. George)〙[Release]
YOUHA ║〘ICE T〙[Comeback]

★August 25th★
Girls² ║〘Enjoy | Good Days〙[Comeback]
MIRAE ║〘Splash〙[Comeback]
Megamax ║〘Painted Love〙[Debut]
Roa ║〘Summer Night〙[Comeback]
Penomeco ║〘Shy (eh o)〙[Comeback]
Changjo [Teen Top] ║〘Hurting U〙[Release]
YEGNY ║〘Better rush (ft. Huckleberry P)〙[Release]
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ║〘原点回避 (GENTENKAIHI)〙[Comeback]

★August 26th★
JayB [GOT7]║〘B.T.W. (ft. Jay Park)〙[Comeback]
Sihyeon [Ariaz] ║〘U (ft. ESON)〙[Solo Release]

★August 27th★
Lee Hi ║〘ONLY〙[Release]
Kiera ║〘Light Me Up〙[Release]
LOOPY ║〘LIE〙[Release]
Penomeco ║〘BOLO (ft.YDG)〙[Comeback]
BTS ║〘Butter (ft. Megan Thee Stallion)〙[Collab Release]

★August 30th★
BTOB ║〘Outsider〙[Comeback]
Key [SHINee] ║〘Hate that… (ft. Taeyeon [SNSD]〙[Pre-Release]

★August 31st★
MCND ║〘Movin’〙[Comeback]
PRITTI-G ║〘안녕(Hola)〙[Debut]
nafla ║〘run! (ft. JUSTHIS)〙[Release]
Kim Jeonguk ║〘Life Vest〙[Comeback]


⤑ September 1st ⬸
fromis_9 ║〘Talk & Talk〙[Comeback]
Lee Eunsang ║〘Lemonade〙[Comeback]
Roa ║〘SUMMER NIGHT[Comeback]
AZER Blossom ║〘Focus On Me[Debut]
Kyuhyun [Super Junior] ║〘별이 빛나는 밤에〙[Comeback]

⤑ September 2nd ⬸
A.C.E ║〘Changer〙[Comeback]
Kaachi ║〘Extra Special〙[Comeback]
ONEUS ║〘Life is Beautiful〙[Release]
Alice ║〘널 사랑해 (I Love You)〙[Release]
W.A.O ║〘Dizzy | OMW (On My Way)[Comeback]
Heo YoungSaeng ║〘MI CASA SU CASA〙[Comeback]

⤑ September 3rd ⬸
iScream ║〘Himawari〙[Comeback]
Lee Hi ║〘Savior〙[Pre-Release]
Kairos ║〘No Limit〙[Debut]
Stray Kids ║〘The View〙[Release]
LOONA & Ryan Jhun ║〘Not Friends〙[Collab Release]

⤑ September 4th ⬸
TAEWOO ║〘hitmeup〙[Comeback]
IM [MONSTA X] ║〘LOOP〙[Solo Release]

⤑ September 5th ⬸
BÉBE YANA ║〘딸기키스 (Strawberry Kisses)〙[Release]
Hong Joohyun ║〘Flower〙[Comeback]

⤑ September 6th ⬸
OMEGA X ║〘WHAT’S GOIN’ ON〙[Comeback]
STAYC ║〘Stereotype〙[Comeback]
YoungK [DAY6] ║〘끝까지 안아 줄게〙[Comeback]
Ferry Blue ║〘Call My Name〙[Debut]
Ami Suzuki ║〘Drip〙[Release]
Joochan & Bomin [Golden Child] ║〘Singing In The Rain〙[Release]

⤑ September 7th ⬸
Baek A Yeon ║〘0% (아무것도 하기 싫으면 어떡해)〙[Comeback]
Sungmin ║〘Goodnight, Summer〙[Comeback]
Y & Jangjun [Golden Child] ║〘POPPIN’〙[Release]
SHUUU ║〘사랑받지 못한다면 의미 없어 (SAMOT)〙[Release]

⤑ September 8th ⬸
PURPLE KISS║〘Zombie〙[Comeback]
ICHILLIN’ ║〘Got’ya〙[Debut]
Ian & Dong Sunho ║〘너와 함께 있어 차가운 새벽 공기마저 난 참 따듯해 (Even the Cold Air of Dawn Is Warm Because I’m With You)〙[Collab Release]
Stray Kids ║〘좋아해서 미안 (Sorry I love you)〙[Release]
ZAQ [Ninety One] ║〘Baipket〙[Release]
The Rampage from EXILE Tribe ║〘Moon and Back〙[Release]
MEGAMAX ║〘Painted Love〙[Debut]
CL ║〘SPICY (Remix ver.) (ft. Omega Sapien, sokodomo, Lil Cherry)〙[Release]

⤑ September 9th ⬸
nafla ║〘mobb tang〙[Release]
South Club ║〘Star Dust〙[Comeback]
LUMINOUS ║〘Run[Debut]
Q.O.S ║〘Oh Yeah[Release]
BIBI ║〘PADO[Release]
HyunA & DAWN ║〘PING PONG〙[Duo Debut]
Lee Hi ║〘Red Lipstick (ft. Yoon Mirae)〙[Pre-Release]

⤑ September 10th ⬸
Lisa [Blackpink] ║〘LALISA〙[Solo Debut]
MONSTA X ║〘ONE DAY〙[Comeback]
Yerin Baek ║〘왜? 날 (Why? Me) | 산책 (Walk)[Release]
OnlyOneOf ║〘mOnO[Comeback]
Stray Kids ║〘Cheese[Release]
TXT ║〘0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) (ft. MOD SUN)[Release]
Hwang Chi Yeul ║〘Too Late (끝이라고 말할 것 같았어)[Release]
Boom Trigger ║〘STAND UP〙[Release]
DJ CHIN-NEN ║〘RAINBOW (ft. Nadia [BananaLemon])〙[Release]

⤑ September 11th ⬸

⤑ September 13th ⬸
ATEEZ ║〘Deja Vu〙[Comeback]
Zia ║〘Please (부디)〙[Release]
UNC ║〘WinSome〙[Debut]

⤑ September 14th ⬸
Lee Hi ║〘H.S.K.T.〙[Comeback]
Wonho ║〘BLUE〙[Comeback]
Han Yo Han ║〘This Is Me (이게 나야) (ft. CHANGMO (창모))〙[Comeback]
THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE ║〘Stampede〙[Comeback]

⤑ September 15th ⬸
LOONA ║〘HULA HOOP〙[Japanese Debut]
MAMAMOO ║〘Mumumumuch (하늘 땅 바다만큼)〙[Comeback]
Lee Know, Changbin, Felix [Stray Kids] ║〘Surfin〙[Release]
JAMIE ║〘No Numbers (ft.JMIN)(‘Numbers’ English ver.)〙[Release]

⤑ September 16th ⬸
Kim Woojin ║〘My growing pains〙[Release]
PRITTI-G ║〘Buckle Up〙[Release]

⤑ September 17th ⬸
NCT 127 ║〘Sticker〙[Comeback]

⤑ September 18th ⬸
Chan [TO1] ║〘MOTH〙[Mixtape Release]
MANITO ║〘Tori-Tori-Dotori〙[Debut]

⤑ September 20th ⬸
Yang Yoseob [HIGHLIGHT] ║〘BRAIN〙[Solo Release]
Yukika ║〘Loving You〙[Release]

⤑ September 22nd ⬸
Lee Honggi [FT ISLAND] ║〘DRAWING〙[Japanese Release]

⤑ September 23rd ⬸
Beautybox ║〘RAT A TAT〙[Debut]
CHANMINA 〘ハレンチ[Comeback]
Chillin Homie ║〘CHRISTIAN DIOR (ft. Octavian) | BUSINESS IS BUSINESS (ft. Oygli, Raf Sandou, Ourrealgoat)〙[Comeback]
WJSN ║〘Let Me In[Release]
Stray Kids ║〘ソリクン (Thunderous)[Japanese Release]
Woosung [The Rose] ║〘Dimples〙[Solo Comeback]

⤑ September 24th ⬸
ITZY ║〘LOCO〙[Comeback]
Coldplay and BTS ║〘My Universe〙[Collab Release]

⤑ September 25th ⬸
PIXY ║〘Still with me〙[Pre-Release]
Hanse [Victon] ║〘Take Over〙[Solo Debut]
SKYLIZE ║〘SKYLIGHT〙[Pre-Debut Release]

⤑ September 26th ⬸
Qri [T-ARA] ║〘SURI SURI〙[Solo Debut]

⤑ September 27th ⬸
ITZY ║〘SWIPE〙[Release]
Key [SHINee] ║〘BAD LOVE〙[Comeback]
Dowoon [DAY6] ║〘문득 (with. Song Heejin)[Solo Debut]
NIK ║〘Santa Monica[Korean Debut]
AB6IX ║〘CHERRY[Comeback]
RHEA ║〘Time Travel[Debut]

⤑ September 28th ⬸
Ciipher ║〘콩깍지 (Blind)〙[Comeback]

⤑ September 29th ⬸
2PM ║〘僕とまた〙[Japanese Release]
HOT ISSUE ║〘Icons〙[Comeback]
Kim Woojin ║〘in my space〙[Release]
E’LAST ║〘악연(Dark Dream)〙[Comeback]
CL ║〘Lover Like Me〙[Release]
Ungjae [IMFACT] ║〘Drama〙[Pre-Release]

⤑ September 30th ⬸
ARIAZ ║〘Hot & Cold〙[Comeback]

Credit: R.O.S.E (STARL1GHT)

Are you excited about any of the September Comebacks/Releases?

Are you excited for any September comebacks? Any releases missed? Feel free to comment below! 🙂