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Ria (Botopass) Profile and Facts

Ria (Botopass) Profile and Facts
Stage Name: Ria (리아) (莉綾) (リア)
Birth Name: Kuwayama Ria (くわやまリア / 쿠와야마리아)
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: February 3, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Tiger
Nationality: Japanese
Blood Type:

Ria Facts:
– She was the third member to be revealed on July 16, 2020.
– She is under XX Entertainment.(Together with Ahyoon)
– Ria is the only Japanese member.
– She is the female member
– She think that she is gentle in apparence but tought in spirit
– She and Ahyoon are “meatmates” because they two eat too much meat.
– Hobbies: Watching dramas on youtube, she likes puppies so much that she see them a lot through youtube
– She likes Little Mix
– She went to a Little Mix concert
– She like to eat all the kinds of food, don’t have any that she don’t like
– For foreigners she would reccomend: Soondae to they eat
– Favorite colors: White, Black, red and pink.
– Cultural differences that she feel in korea as one foreigner: The way that they put chopsticks, she put in vertical but her korean colleagues put them vertically and in japan, when they get on the bus, japanese get on through the door on middle and exit on the door on front, but in korea, they use the door on the middle to get off
– Ideal type: Usually a stylish type, someone who dresses neatly and looks good on him
– How she became one Botopass member: When she was young, she was one actress on japan, While she was traveling to Korea, she came to be cast.
– The first thing she want to do when the COVID-19 pandemic ends is go to japan, spend time with her parents and sleep in home and she want the see many faces of her fans as soon as COVID disappear.
– She thinked that was impossible Cui Xiang being a foreigner because she speak korean so well, so her first impression of Cui Xiang was that she was a total korean.
– Ria also thinked that Cui Xiang looked so strong, but when she knew her better she discovered that Cui Xiang is so nice and nice.
– Cui Xiang takes to much care of Ria according to her, they are the two foreigners of the team and she feel it, Cui Xiang teach Ria a lot and she is so greatfull for it.

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