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Purpleoranjuice Profile and Facts

Purpleoranjuice Profile & Facts

Purpleoranjuice (퍼플오렌쥬스) is a Korean singer who officially debuted with “hmm,,” in 2020.

Stage name : Purpleoranjuice
Birth Name : Choi Jee Min (최지민)
Birthday : Febuary 14, 2000
Zodiac Sign : Aquarius
Instagram : Purple_orange_juice
Soundcloud: Purpleoranjuice
Genre : R&B/Soul, Hip-Hop/Rap, Indie, Pop
Label : N/A
Crew : Seoul Society

Purpleoranjuice Facts:
– His name stage “Purpleoranjuice” comes from the fruits that he saw when was opened the fridge and that fruit was purple and orange.
– He has been interested in music since 6th grade.
– In 6th grade, all he did was sing at karaoke.
– He has been working since he was in the 2nd grade of high school.
– He felt that he was clumsy in high school.
– At first music was just a hobby until finally he became more serious in music and continues until now.
– He said that his dream is not to be a “noun”, but to be someone that has a positive influence on many people.
– He chose to be an anonymous singer because he feels burdens to reveal who he is.
– He’s going to reveal his self one day.
– He thinks he is stubborn and doesn’t have a good personality, but he don’t thinks that he’s a bad person.
– As an ENTP, he thinks that he must be a man who pursues his own path.
– Purpleoranjuice usually make a song in just 2 hours.
– Purpleoranjuice only takes 20 minutes to make “Dream”, and he uploaded this song on his Soundcloud.
– The longest time he took making a song was 2 weeks because it was little hard, that songs is “hmm”.
– He recently joined a crew “Seoul Society” and planning to perform various songs on this crew.
–  His biggest goals is to release his own album in 2021.
– He want to collaborate with anyone who matches the song he has made.
– Purpleoranjuice can play drums.
– His favorite song that he made is “Dream” because it contains his most honest feels.
– His biggest motivation to make a song is his own feelings because he thought that it was a thing to express his mind.
– He was a winner in the spoon contest name “방콘” with “드림캐쳐, (band ver.)“.
– Purpleoranjuice invited as a guest star on “PL LALALAND” broadcast on February 25th, 2021.

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