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Protea Members Profile

protea Members Profileprotea is the main unit of Last Idol that got formed through the show Last Idol Thailand. They debuted on November 28th, 2021 with the single Bandwagon. The final lineup consists of winners: Tonnam, Mahnmook, Meemie, Runma, Seamoon, Kae and Highway.

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protea Members Profile:
Stage Name: Tonnam (ต้นน้ำ)
Birth Name: Banthita Suntayarom (บัณฑิฏา สันตยารมณ์)
Birthday: December 7, 2006
Thai Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Western Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 165cm
Instagram: @tonnam.lastidolthofficial
Facebook: Tonnam LAST IDOL

Tonnam Facts:
– Her hobbies include boxing
– Her audition number was LI 01

MahnmookStage Name: Mahnmook (ม่านมุก)
Birth Name: Chadatan Dankul (ชดาธาร ด่านกุล)
Birthday: April 10, 1996
Thai Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Western Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 152cm
Instagram: @mahnmook.lastidolthofficial
Facebook: Mahnmook LAST IDOL

Mahnook Facts:
– Her skills include singing, dancing, acting, MCing, modeling, writing and preforming plays
– She is the consultant of the group when it comes to performing
– Her happiest moments in life are when she dances and/or sings
– Happiness is her power and inspiration to keep going
– She is known as the big sister of the group
– She is a member of SWEAT16!
– She is also member of SWEAT16!’s sister group Summer Breeze
– She was a member of SWEAT16!’s KATSU89! sub-unit, she was named after the ingredient KATSU
– Her audition number was LI 02

MeemieStage Name: Meemie (มีมี่)
Birth Name: Pimmada Tangsi (พิมพ์มาดา ตั้งสี)
Birthday: May 19, 2000
Thai Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Western Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 168cm
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @meemie.lastidolthofficial
Facebook: Meemie LAST IDOL

Meemie Facts:
– Her hobbies include listening to music, video shooting, watching Netflix, singing while playing the ukulele, reading Webtoons, and reading books.
– Her talents include Yosakoi dancing, and playing ukulele.
– She likes peanut butter, vegetarian and vegan foods, cute DIY and handmade products.
– She dislikes hot weather and dust.
– Her education includes Branch of Japanese Business Administration, Faculty of Business Administration
– Her audition number was LI 08

RunmaStage Name: Runma (รันม่า)
Birth Name: Tantaya Shishida (แทนทยา ชิชิดะ)
Birthday: January 19, 2003
Thai Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Western Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 164cm
Instagram: runma.lastidolthofficial_
Facebook: Runma LAST IDOL

Runma Facts:
– Her skills including Beatboxing, clover tongue and wiggling her ears.
– Her audition number was LI 11

SeamoonStage Name: Seamoon (ซีโมน)
Birth Name: Punnasa Tonvicha (ปุณณาสา ตันวิชา)
Birthday: September 15, 2006
Thai Zodiac Sign: Leo
Western Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 158cm
Instagram: seamoon.lastidolthofficial
Facebook: Seamoon LAST IDOL

Seamoon Facts:
– She is skilled in the piano
– Her audition number was LI 05

KaeStage Name: Kae (เก๋)
Birth Name: Pannipa Vongsachai (พรรณิภา วงษาชัย)
Birthday: June 13, 2001
Thai Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Western Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 165cm
Facebook: Kae LAST IDOL

Kae Facts:
– Her skills include Thai dancing, singing, drawing, and painting
– Her audition number was LI 06

HighwayStage Name: Highway (ไฮเวย์)
Birth Name: Siraprapha Saengpantaphanit (ศิรประภา แสงพันตาพานิช)
Birthday: February 22, 2007
Thai Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Western Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 166cm
Blood Type: O
Birthplace: Nong Khai, Thailand
Instagram: highway.lastidolthofficial
Facebook: Highway LAST IDOL

Highway Facts:
– On August 29th, she was revealed as a contestant in Episode 10; She challenged Goii and won, replacing her as #7 in Episode 11.
– Her hobbies include Playing the guitar, raising cats and feeding fish
– Her talents include singing, playing the ukulele and guitar
– She likes fried noodles, guitar picks and beautiful gifts
– She dislikes fresh bean sprouts and cat poop
-Her audition number was LI 22

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