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Park Eun-hye Profile and Facts

Park Eun-hye Profile and Facts

Park Eun-hye (박은혜) is a South Korean actress under AL Entertainment.

Stage Name: Park Eun-hye (박은혜)
Birth Name: Park Eun-hye (박은혜)
Birth Date: February 21, 1977
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Height: 165cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @eunhye.p

Park Eun-hye Facts:
– She was born in Incheon, South Korea.
– She has three sisters.
– Eun-hye rose to fame in 2003, with her role (Lee Yeon Seng) in “Dae Jang Geum“.
– She is more popular in China than South Korea.
– She modeled for Hana Cosmetics and Yonseng Tangerine Chocolates (the latter named after her character in Dae Jang Geum) .
– Her Chinese name is Piao En Hui (朴恩惠).
– Her hobbies are traveling and listening to music.
– Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts
– Eun-hye can speak Korean, English and Japanese.
– She starred in the Taiwan drama “Silence” with Vic Zhou.
– She married an entrepreneur Kim Han-sup on April 27, 2008.
– In 2011, Eun-hye gave birth to twin sons, Kim Jae-wan and Kim Jae-ho.
–  She had parted ways with her husband, and she raises their children.

Park Eun-hye Movies:
Zzang (짱) | Yoo Hae Ri (1998)
01412 Sect of the Magic Sword ( 01412 파사신검) | Gong Ju (2000)
The Record (찍히면 죽는다) | Hee Jeong (2000)
Dream of a Warrior (천사몽) | Rose (2001)
Daddy Long Legs (키다리 아저씨) | Yeong Woo (2005)
4 Horror Tales: 29 February ( 어느날 갑자기 첫번째 이야기 – 2월 29일) | Ji Yeon (2006)
Enemies In-Law (위험한 상견례 2) | Park Young Mi (2015)
Steel Rain (강철비) | Kwon Sook Jung (2017)

Park Eun-hye Dramas:
LA Arirang (LA 아리랑) | (1995) – SBS
I Only Know Love (사랑밖엔 난 몰라) | (1998) – MBC
Three Friends (세친구) | [staff nurse] (2000) – MBC
Everyday With You (매일 그대와) | Jo Se Hee [Sister] (2001) – MBC
Jewel in the Palace (대장금) | Lee Yeon Saeng (2003) – MBC
Little Women (작은 아씨들) | Hyun Deuk (2004) – SBS
Island Village Teacher (섬마을 선생님) | Yoon Ji Yeong (2004) – SBS
18 vs. 29 (열여덟 스물아홉) | Shin Ji Young (2005) – KBS2
Exhibition of Fireworks (불꽃놀이) | Chae Mi Rae (2006) – MBC
Silence (深情密碼) | Zhao Shen Shen (2006) – CTV
Bad Woman, Good Woman (나쁜 여자 착한 여자) | Song Ji Woo (2007) – MBC
The Person I Love (사랑하는 사람아) | Yoon Hyun Joo (2007) – SBS
Yi San (이산) | Queen Hyo Eui (2007) – MBC
Detective Mr.Lee (미스터리 형사) | Lee Jae Yeong (2008) – tvN
Pink Lipstick (분홍 립스틱) | Yoo Ga Eun (2010) – MBC
Can’t Live Without You (그대없인 못살아) | Seo In Hye (2012) – MBC
The Women’s Room (두 여자의 방) | Min Kyung Chae (2013) – SBS
The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 (장사의 신-객주 2015) | Chun So Rye (2015) – KBS2
A Beautiful Mind (뷰티풀 마인드) | Shim Eun Ha (2016) – KBS2
Sweet Enemy (달콤한 원수) | Oh Dal Nim (2017) – SBS
Issue Makers (이슈메이커스) | (2019) – SBS Plus
Hi Bye, Mama! (하이바이, 마마!) | Seo Bong Yun [Pil Seung’s mother / Ghost] (2020) – tvN
Mystic Pop-Up Bar (쌍갑포차) | [Queen / Crown Prince’s mother] (Ep.1) / Shin Ji Hye (Ep.10) (2020) – JTBC
Hanging On (놓지마 정신줄) | [Alice’s aunt] (Ep. 5) (2020) – JTBC
The Goddess of Revenge (복수해라) | Cha Mi Yeon [Min Joon’s Older Sister] (2020) – TV Chosun

Park Eun-hye Awards:
9th Busan Film Critics Awards (2008) | Best New Actress (Night and Day)
2nd Korea Sharing Awards (2009) | Chairman’s Award (N/A)
MBC Drama Awards (2010) | Excellence Award, Actress (Pink Lipstick)
Ministry of Health and Welfare (2011) | Citation (N/A)

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