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OUREALGOAT Profile and Facts:

OUREALGOAT / 아우릴고트 is a South Korean rapper who debuted in 2020 with EP ‘Gonna Go Far, Kid’.

Rap Name: OUREALGOAT / 아우릴고트
Birth Name: Lee Hanbin / 이한빈
Birthday: 9th of June, 1996
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Height: 178 cm / 5’10”
Blood type: O
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: ourealgoat
Youtube: 아우릴고트

– His MBTI is INTJ-T.
– Born in Siheung, South Korea.
– Part of the Foodly Trap (FDT) crew.
– No tattoos on his body.
– Doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke.
– Has already served in the military.
– In 2017, he began creating music.
– He’s close with the Homies crew.
– Daily life consists of working on music, exercising, sleeping and eating.
– Studied composing and beats whilst in the army.
– A lot of collaborations was made after the army and about 60 songs were made in 2020.
– He was an contestant on Show Me The Money 9.
– Former contestant on SMTM10 under the COKO’s team.
– Mostly produces, writes lyrics, mix and masters his own songs.
– Released his frst full-length album, ‘Like a Poet with Family Love in August of 2020.
– In his songs, a lot of verses is written about his family.
– Received a shout out from various artists like Jay Park and Paloalto.
Jay Park is an artist he respects the most and his role model.
– Contributed in one of the tracks on [H1GHR: RED TAPE].
– Appeared on the DNA remix‘ and ‘Achoo remix‘.
– He has made two appearances on RAPHOUSE ON AIR.
– The first one in November of 2020, and the second one in March of 2021.
– Appeared on HIPHOPPLAYA’s ‘Hangout’ project in 2021.
– During ‘Hangout‘, him and producer Vangdale released ‘Only Late at Night ft. Jay Park.
– Participated and featured in many albums and songs of artists like Raudi, Chillin Homie and more.
– In Dec.2021, OUREALGOAT came out with an Performance Video with LMC.
– Featured on PATEKO‘s ‘Night Drive‘ alongside JAEHA in March 2022.
– He featured on Lil Moshpit‘s ‘ON THE BLOCK‘.

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