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‘[O]’ (Yuju) Album Info

‘[O]’ (Yuju) Album Info

‘[O]’ is Yuju’s second mini album and her first comeback. Yuju has stated “This album [O] is a small travelogue of mine…Hate, love, confusion & stability. All those flow of emotions that go round and round resembling a big circle, that shape soon became the name of the album.”

Artist: Yuju
Label: Konnect Entertainment
Release Date: March 7th, 2023
Type: Mini Album
Genre: K-pop
Length: 14:54

1. 9 years – 2:57
Confesses Yuju’s past 9 years & has a rhythmical acoustic guitar melody
Writers: Yuju
Producers: Yuju
Arranged: sesåme

2. Without U – 3:37
Sweet string melody of modern pop
Writers: Yuju
Producers: Ginette Claudette, Dimitri Gountounas, Mike Woods, Kevin White, Rudy Sandapa, Kaelyn Behr, MZMC
Arranged: Rudy Sandapa, Styalz Fuego, MZMC
Official MV | MV Teaser #1 | MV Teaser #2

3. 꿈 (Dreaming) – 3:02
Low 808 drum & bass in dreamy vibes
Writers: Yuju
Producers: Amelia Moore. Kyle Buckley, Charles Nelsen, John Blanda, MZMC
Arranged: Pink Slip, inverness, Blanda, MZMC

4. 복승아꽃 (Featuring Sokodomo) – 2:39
Bouncy retro pop
Writers:Yuju, sokodomo
Producers: Yuju, sokodomo
Arranged: sokodomo, Purple

5. Full Circle – 2:39
Vocal chop brings exciting rhythm  
Writers: Yuju
Producers: Yuju, Knave, Paulina Cerrilla, Shintaro Yasuda, David Park
Arranged: Shintaro Yasuda and David Park

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