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Noovy Discography

Noovy Discography

Debut Album: 


type: first Taiwanese album, second Japanese album

released (Taiwan): July 21, 2017

released (Japan): December 3, 2018


2. Never Gonna Stop

3. Shout It Out

4. Cross The Line

5. Bye Bye Darling

6. Move It

7. Walk Away

8. Every Little Step

9. I Scream

10. 三等星 (Third Class Star)

11. Lily

12. ONE

13. イチバンホシ (#1 Star)


type: first single

released: September 27, 2017

1. Garage

2. イチバンホシ (#1 Star)

3. Hey! Ho!

Singin’ For You

type: second single

released: February 7, 2018

1. Singin’ For You

2. First Kiss

3. bye bye darling [English Version]

4. Singin’ For You [Instrumental]


type: third single

released: July 25, 20181. LION DANCE

2. 僕たちの花火 featuring あさぎーにょ (Our Fireworks featuring Asagiinyo)

3. Thunderbolt

4. LION DANCE [Instrumental]


type: first Japanese album

released: September 5, 2018


2. Hey! Ho!

3. Wild

4. looking for

5. Singin’ For You

6. Café Girl

7. Dunk Shot

8. All This Beauty

9. 僕たちの花火 featuring あさぎーにょ (Our Fireworks featuring Asagiinyo)

10. Door

11. HOME

12. Garage


type: Taiwan second album

released: December 3, 2018

user uploaded image1. Garage [Chinese Version]

2. WILD [Chinese Version]

3. First Kiss

4. All This Beauty

5. Singin’ For You [Chinese Version]

6. Thunderbolt

7. LION DANCE [Chinese Version]

8. Door

9. 僕たちの花火 featuring あさぎーにょ (Our Fireworks featuring Asagiinyo)

10. HOME [Chinese Version]

11. looking for [Chinese Version]

スピードアップ (Speed Up)

type: fourth single, Hank’s graduation single

released: March 6, 2019

user uploaded image1. スピードアップ

2. Fade to Black

3. In My Dreams

4. スピードアップ [Instrumental]


1. スピードアップ [music video]

2. スピードアップ [music video making of]

共感時代 Y_OURS

type: first mini album, first track to include new member Jacob

released: November 29, 2019

user uploaded image
1. Chill High High

2. Heartworm

3. Don’t Look Back

4. Rising

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