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NAYEON (TWICE) “NA” Album Info

NA” Album Info

NA” is NAYEON‘s 2nd Mini Album. It was released on June 14, 2024.
The title track is “ABCD“. The album consists of 7 tracks.

Artist: NAYEON
Release Date: June 14, 2024 at 1PM KST.
Genre: Pop
Type: Mini Album
Label: JYP Entertainment.
Writers: Barry Cohen, Charli Taft, Daniel Obi Klein, Henrik Göranson, J.Y. Park “The Asiansoul”, Jinli, Johan Fransson, Lee Chanhyuk (AKMU), Lily Leilani Meola, Rachel West, Rick Bridges, Sam Fischer, Sam Kim, SOLE.
Composers: Aaron Theodore Berton, Aron Bergerwall, Barry Cohen, BLVSH, Charli Taft, Daniel Obi Klein, GHSTLOOP, Henrik Göranson, Johan Fransson, Lee Chanhyuk (AKMU), Lily Leilani Meola, Louise Lindberg, LP, Matthew Crawford, Pdogg, Rachel West, Sam Fischer, Sam Kim, Sam Klempner, Sandra Wikstrom, Shorelle, Sofia Kay.
Arrangers: aron wyme, Daniel Obi Klein, EVAN, GHSTLOOP, Gingerbread, Henrik Göranson, Johan Fransson, LP, Pdogg, Sam Klempner, Theo & The Climb.

1. ABCD     *TITLE
2. Butterflies
3. Heaven (ft. Sam Kim)
4. Magic (ft. Julie of KISS OF LIFE)
5. HalliGalli (ft. Lee Chanhyuk of AKMU)
6. Something
7. Count It

Album Sneak Peek
“ABCD” MV Teaser #1
“ABCD” MV Teaser #2


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