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Miriam (PRISMA) Profile, Facts and Ideal type

Miriam (PRISMA) Profile, Facts and Ideal type

Stage name: Miriam (미리암)
Birth name: Miriam Lucca
Position: Main vocalist, maknae
Birthday: November 27th, 2003
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Chinese zodiac sign: Goat
Height: 5’3” (160cm)
Blood type:
Nationality: Italian
Instagram: @miriam.prisma

Miriam Facts:
— She was born in Caserta, Italy and lived in Novara and Milan
— She can speak English and Italian
— She’s currently learning Korean along with Nia
— The first kpop song she heard was “I Got a boy” by Girls Generation
— She started listening to K-pop around 2015.
— She is the strongest member.
— She likes sports.
— She likes to play video games.
— She doesn’t like doing aegyo.
— She took hip-hop dance classes for 1 year before joining UnionWave.
— She never took singing lessons until she joined the group.
— The members said that she improved the most since joining the group
— Her hidden talent is writing lyrics.
— She has 3 tattoos. She wants to get more of them in the future.
— Her favourite color is pink (Telepathy game)
— She loves both cats and dogs, but sometimes prefers cats. (Telepathy game)
— She’d rather wear pants than a dress. (Telepathy game)
— She thinks that her biggest strength and weakness are both that she’s kind. She said that at times it’s a good thing, but sometimes she is too kind and can’t say no when she should. (Speed interview)
— Her special talent is singing while doing a handstand. (Speed interview)
— She doesn’t know how to call her favourite concept, but it’s the one where you can describe your feelings. (Speed interview)
— Her goal for debut is for people to praise them for their skills and not because there are two Europeans in the group. (Speed interview)
— She wants to show her feelings through music that she creates (MEET THE ARTIST)
— When she passed the audition, her mom was sad because she would be far away from home, and her dad was happy because he knew it was her dream. (MEET THE ARTIST)
— She cooks the best in the group. (PopMachine interview)
— Her hobby is reading and working alone at the river because it’s peaceful.
—She believes in destiny, fate and Karma.
Miriam’s Ideal Type: Someone who can help her a lot, who has a positive attitude and is open minded. If someone wants to impress her, he has to be able to cook, ride a motorcycle, sing or play the piano, but those aren’t the most important

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