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Mio Imada Profile and Facts

Mio Imada Profile & Facts

Mio Imada (今田 美桜) is a Japanese actress and model working under Contents3.

Name: Mio Imada (今田 美桜)
Birthday: March 5, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Nationality: Japanese
Height: 157 cm (5’2″)
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @imada_mio
Website: ct3.co.jp/mioimada

Mio Imada Facts:
– She was born in Fukuoka, Japan.
– She is the eldest daughter of three children in her family.
– Mio played basketball in elementary school.
– Nicknames: Goldfish
– Mio began modeling in her second year of high school.
– Afterwards, she became interested in acting.
– At first her parents were opposed to her acting because they wanted her to to go to college.
– She went through a hard time after she failed to sign with an agency.
– In 2016, she formed a trio “SAGEMON GIRLS” and shot a sightseeing promotional video.
– The president of BIGFACE noticed Mio’s poster and immediately decided to scout her.
– She moved to Tokyo in 2016 to pursue a career in acting.
– Mio is given the slogan “Fukuoka’s No. 1 Beautiful Girl”.
– She used to work under Cover Girl Entertainment (2013-2016).
– Mio has worked hard to learn martial arts and horse riding.
– She became interested in Chinese and obtained a Chinese second-level certificate.
– Her favourite food is chicken.
– She said that Germany is her favourite destination.
– Blue and purple are her favourite colors.
Hobbies: Dancing , Photoshoot, Painting.
– Mio said that she has a negative personality.
– She is known for her cute big eyes and clear skin.
– Mio has appeared in many commercials.
– She has also given a voice acting role in 2019. (My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising)
– Her notable works include Boys Over Flowers Season 2, and Tokyo Revengers.

Mio Imada Movies:
Tokyo Revengers | 東京リベンジャーズ (2021) – Hinata Tachibana
Love is Studying Deep! | 恋はDeepに勉強中! (2021) – Miyamae Aika
Doting Parent Youth White Paper | 親バカ青春白書 (2020) – Yamamoto Hiroko
Stolen Identity 2 | スマホを落としただけなのに 囚われの殺人鬼 (2020)
You Shine in the Moonlit Night | 君は月夜に光り輝く(2019) – Riko Hirabayashi
Memory | 記憶 (2018) – Adachi Hana
Shiro to Kiiro | しろときいろ ~ハワイと私のパンケーキ物語~(2018) – [Student on the beach]
Demekin (2017) – Aki
Bus Jack Returns | 帰ってきたバスジャック (2017) – Sanae Shiratori
Double Mints (2017)
Detective Yugami | 刑事ゆがみ (2017) – Hoshino Mami
Fugitive Boys | 僕たちがやりました (2017) – Hoshino Mami
The Edge of Sin/Crime’s Blank | 罪の余白 (2015) – Satomi Sugimoto

Mio Imada Drama Series:
Waru: Koisuru Otoko ga Kakko Warui Nante Dare ga Itta? | 悪男(わる)〜恋する男がカッコ悪いなんて誰が言った?〜 (2022) – Tanaka Maririn / Marilyn
Waru: Hataraku no ga Kakko Warui Nante Dare ga Itta? | 悪女(わる)~働くのがカッコ悪いなんて誰が言った?~ (2022)- Tanaka Maririn / Marilyn
Doctor X 7 | ドクターX~外科医・大門未知子~ (2021) – Oma Masako
Welcome Back, Mone | おかえりモネ (2021) | Kamino Riko
Love is Deep | 恋はDeepに (2021) – Miyamae Aika
Hanzawa Naoki Season 2 | 半沢直樹2 (2020) – Hamamura Hitomi
Suits 2 | スーツ2 (2020) – Tanimoto Sari
The Detective and The Prosecutor | ケイジとケンジ 所轄と地検の24時 (2020) – Mouri Hikaru
Doctor X 6 | ドクターX ~外科医・大門未知子~(2019) – Oma Masako
Nippon Noir: Detective Y’s Rebellion |  ニッポンノワール-刑事Yの反乱 – (2019)
Semi Otoko | セミオトコ (2019) – Kumada Minako
Mr. Hiiragi’s Homeroom | 3年A組 ―今から皆さんは、人質です― (2019) – Suwa Yuzuki
Suits | スーツ (2018) – Tanimoto Sari
Boys Over Flowers Season 2 | 花のち晴れ〜花男 Next Season〜 (2018) – Maya Airi
The Public Enemy | 民衆の敵~世の中、おかしくないですか (2017) – Riko / Kanemura Saki

Mio Imada Awards:
2018 – Yahoo! Search Awards | Actress Category
2018 – #MVI – Most Valuable Instagrammer in Japan | Trend Category
2022 – 45th Japan Academy Film Prize | Newcomer of the Year (Tokyo Revengers)

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