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Minji (NEWJEANS) Profile & Facts

Minji (NEWJEANS) Profile & Facts

Minji (민지) is a member of NEWJEANS under ADOR.

Stage Name: Minji (민지)
Birth Name:
Kim Minji (김민지)
Birthday: May 7, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Height: 169 cm (5’6”)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean

Minji Facts:
– She was born in Mancheon-ri, Dong-myeon, Chuncheon, Gangwon, South Korea.
– She has a brother and a sister.
– She is a former Source Music trainee.
– Her favorite foods are anything that her mom cooks and ice cream.
– Minji joined Source Music sometime during her second year of middle school.
– She was the face of the Plus Global Audition in 2019 (she was #THE_GIRL).
– Three of her favorite colors are black, red, and blue.
– She likes eating ice cream, especially during the winter.
– If she was in Harry Potter, she would be in the Gryffindor House.
– She has an older brother and a younger sister.
– Minji went to Mancheon Elementary School and Sinsa Middle School, and currently attends Hanlim Multi Art School.
– The book she’s read the most is Winnie The Pooh, Happy Things Happen Every Day.
– She’s a member of the journaling club on Phoning (the app for NewJeans).
– Her favorite Baskin Robbins flavor is New York Cheesecake.
– She’s the cleanup queen of NewJeans.
– Minji was in an acting class with Sullyoon, and they also performed together.
– Her favorite seasons are summer and winter, but she has a bit of a preference for summer.
– The K-pop songs that never fail to lift her spirit are IU’s “무(Knees)” and “스물셋 (Twenty-three)”.
– Minji doesn’t like Hawaiian pizza or mint chocolate.
– Her nickname is teddy bear and Minki.
– Minji’s hobby is reading, going for a walk, watching movies, and decorating her diary.
– What she wants to do with the members is have a pajama party, camp, and have a cooking show.
– She has a sleeping habit of hugging a doll, then feeling like she doesn’t have it in her hands anymore, and when she finds it, she goes back to sleep.
– Some hashtags that she uses to represent her is #Round (Since her eyes and face are round), #Minji, and #NewJeans.
– She prefers crispy cookies over sticky cookies.
– Her favorite word is watermelon.
– One of her favorite parts on one of her songs is “Hype Boy”‘s pre-chorus.
– If she was an athlete she would be playing tennis.
– She would be shooting a lens ad if she could pick a commercial she would be in.
– If zombies suddenly appeared she would choose the fate of living naturally and then becoming a zombie.
– She has a habit of reacting in English, and calls herself a California girl.
– Her favorite things are chocolate-coated ice cream, driving with her dad, her bed, nice weather, and decorating her diary.
– Minji prefers dogs over cats.
– She prefers having color over just black and white.
– Minji prefers cooking than washing dishes.
– She prefers an umbrella over raincoats.
– Minji prefers jajangmyeon over jjamppong.
– She prefers skateboarding over ballet.
– Minji prefers cold water over hot water.
– She prefers chicken over pizza.
– Minji prefers sugar over salt.
– She prefers the sea over mountains.
– Minji prefers hats over socks.
– She prefers pasta over kal-guksu.
– Minji prefers robots over dinosaurs.
– She prefers main characters over villains.
– Minji prefers handwriting over typing.

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