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LUNA Discography

LUNA Discography

Luna is a soloist and a member of girl group f(x). Here is her discography.

I Love You And
Release date: December 2010

The President OST

1. I Love You And (with Yesung of Super Junior)
2. I Love You And (Instrumental)

Healing Love
Release Date: January 2015

Kill Me Heal Me OST

1. Healing Love (with Choi)
2. Healing Love (Instrumental)

Don’t Cry For Me
Release Date: May 2015

1st single

1. Don’t Cry For Me

Only You
Release Date: December 2015

The Merchant OST

1. Only You

Release Date: May 2016

SM Station Digital Single

1. Wave (With Amber from f(x) and R3HAB)
2. Wave (Xavi & Gi Version) (With Amber from f(x) and Xavi & Gi)

Free Somebody
Release Date: May 2016

1st Mini Album

1. Free Somebody (Title Track)
2. Breathe
3. Keep On Doin’
4. I Wish
5. Galaxy
6. My Medicine

Heartbeat (Amber x Luna)
Release Date: October 2016

SM Station Digital Single

1. Heartbeat (with Ferry Corsten & Kago Pengchi)
2. Heartbeat (with Ferry Corsten & Kago Pengchi) [English Version]

It’s You
Release Date: December 2016

SM Station Digital Single

1. It’s You (with Shin Yong Jae)
2. It’s You (Instrumental)

Release Date: January 2017

Collaboration Single

1. HONEY BEE (with Hani from EXID and Solar from MAMAMOO)
2. HONEY BEE (Instrumental)

Could You Tell Me
Release date: August 2017

The King In Love OST

1. Could You Tell Me
2. Could You Tell Me (Instrumental)

Lower (Amber x Luna)
Release Date: January 2018

SM Station Digital Single

1. Lower
2. Lower (Instrumental)

Free Somebody (with everysing) (Luna x Heda)
Release Date: February 2018

SM Station Digital Single

1. Free Somebody (with everysing)
2. Free Somebody (with everysing) (Instrumental)

Is It Love
Release Date: February 2018

Should We Kiss First OST

1. Is It Love

Night Reminiscin’
Relase Date: April 2018

2nd Single

1. Night Reminiscin’ (with Yang Da Il)
2. Falling Out

Even So
Release Date: January 2019

3rd Single

1. Even So
2. Do You Love Me (with george)

Take Me Now
Release Date: February 2020

Forest OST

1. Take Me Now
2. Take Me Now (Instrumental)

It Hurts and Hurts
Release Date: February 2020

X-MAS Project Single

1. It Hurts and Hurts
2. It Hurts and Hurts (Instrumental)

Release Date: July 2020

Graceful friends OST

1. Cheers
2. Cheers (Instrumental)

Falling Flowers
Release Date: August 2020

Almost Famous OST

1. Falling Flowers
2. Falling Flowers (Instrumental)

Rain & you
Release Date: September 2021

4th Single

1. Rain & you

Release Date: October 2021

5th Single

1. Madonna

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