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Kuturar Members Profile and Facts

Kuturar Members Profile and Facts
is a Sakha rock band under Youth Of North. It consists of 4 members: Utuman Sur, Baryllan, Aleksei Kuzminov, and Andrei Tarasov. They were formed in April 1, 2022.

Kuturar Official Account:
Instagram: kuturar

Kuturar Facts:
– The band name “Kuturar” means shaman’s loud singing during a ritual.
– Their concept is that their performances are spiritual rituals, and their music is a link between them and listeners with their ancestors.
– Their genre is a mix of trash punk, hardcore punk, motor punk and stoner doom with Sakha ethnic motives. As Utuman says, it is “a multiheaded hydra of genres”. Later they classified their genre as “uraankhai rock”.
– They sing mostly in Sakha language.
– During their short stay in Central Asia, they visited Almaty, Karaganda, and Bishkek with performances. As local punk rock fans said, they played more gigs than local bands.
– They signed under an all-Russian rock label, so they visited more cities with gigs than all other Sakha rock bands.

Kuturar Members:
Utuman Sur

Stage Name: Utuman Sur (Утуман Сур)
Birth Name: Ivan Ivanovich Vasiliyev (Иван Иванович Васильев)
Position: Vocalist, Lyricist, Electric Guitarist
Birthday: August 5, 1996
Instagram: dirbien.darbaan; uottaaq_orgul

Utuman Sur Facts:
– He is from Vilyusk city, Vilyuiski district.
– He was a member of Brutaliza that was active in 2015-2019, and Oblaka.
– Then he had to go studying in Saint-Petersburg for 3 years, he stopped performing.
– He is interested in shamanism and ancient Sakha culture since childhood.
– He is a fan of Cholbon band, its members are his family’s friends.
– He has fear of cameras, he cannot look at them.
– His nickname is Uibanza.
– He is a professional painter.
– He is inspired by Discharge, Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Metallica, Black Flag, Electric Wizard, Church of Misery, Sleep, Pentagram, SaintVitus, The Seeds, The 13th Floor Elevators, Fatum, Duke Nukem, War Now, Distress, Minc, Crispy Newspaper.
– He is also a member of Taptal Kutula.


Stage Name: Baryllan (Барыллан)
Birth Name: Yevgeniy Vasiliyevich Ivanov (Евгений Васильевич Иванов)
Position: Bass Guitarist, Back Vocalist
Birthday: November 4
Instagram: ydisnwo
X (Twitter): @EvgenijIvanov17

Baryllan Facts:
– He is from Engolja village, Nyurbinski district.
– He used to live in Saint Petersburg, he met Utuman Sur there in 2021.
– He is a fan of K-pop and soccer.
– He likes such bands as Electric Wizard, Tiny Moving Parts, Pekinski Velosiped.
– He works as a teacher of bass guitar in House Of Musicians in Yakutsk.
– He was a member of Arbita band.
– He is also a member of Body Between The Pubs, Salluna and Elements of Dust.

Aleksei Kuzminov

Stage Name: Aleksei Kuzminov (Алексей Кузьминов)
Birth Name: Aleksei Aleksandrovich Kuzminov (Алексей Александрович Кузьминов)
Position: Electric Guitarist, Composer
Birthday: May 21, 1997
Instagram: napalmstrike_
X (Twitter): @NapalmStrike

Aleksei Kuzminov Facts:
– He is from Yakutsk.
– His nicknames are Leksa and Lyuksuren.
– He can play accordion.
– He has a girlfriend.
– He is a student at Yakutsk Institute of Economics and Law.
– He is also a member of 8faces.
– He is a fan of racing simulators and sport bikes.
– He has an old cat.
– He manages and sells the band’s merch.
– He likes Metallica, Black Sabbath, Turnstile, Sunn, Church of Misery, Tørsö, Enforcer, KissKiss.

Andrei Tarasov

Stage Name: Andrei Tarasov (Андрей Тарасов)
Birth Name: Andrei Tarasov (Андрей Тарасов)
Position: Drummer
Birthday: June 10, 2003
Instagram: _andrrreey_

Andrei Tarasov Facts:
– He is from Suntar village, Suntarski district.
– He was the last member to join the band.
– He likes Three Days Grace, Nervy, and Rage Against The Machine.
– He is also a member of Salluna as a guitarist and Ojuur as a drummer.

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