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KISS Members Profile

KISS Members Profile

KISS (키스) were a South Korean ballad/R&B trio under the label J-Entercom. The lineup consisted of: Mini, Jini, and Umji. They debuted on November 26th, 2001 with the song “여자이니까 (Because I’m a Girl)”, which became a popular hit song. They disbanded later that same year due to “internal conflict”. In 2016, on episode 36 of “Two Yoo Project – Sugar Man”, the women reunited and revealed that they actually disbanded due to one of the members dating someone, which was prohibited by their label.
KISS is an acronym for “Korea International Super Star.”

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KISS Members’ Profile:

Stage Name: Mini (미니)
Birth Name: Kim Min Hee (김민희)
Position: Leader, Vocalist
Birthday: February 22, 1981
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: –
Nationality: Korean

Mini Facts:
– After KISS’ disbandment, she became a vocalist.
– She sang an OST titled “난 참 예쁘다”.
– Mini is/was also a vocal trainer.
– Mini attended Dongil Girls’ High School.
– She and Umji kept in touch after KISS disbanded.


Stage Name: Jini (지니)
Birth Name: Kim Ji Sook (김지숙)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: April 29, 1982
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Blood Type: –
Instagram: officialjinik

Jini Facts:
– She currently lives in Ohio, United States.
– She can speak English.
– Jini is now a singer-songwriter/producer.
– Jini is a foodie.
– She worked as a restaurant manager.
– Jini loves animals.
– She attended Ohio State University.
– Jini lost touch with her fellow members when she moved back to USA.
– Jini was the first one who was contacted for KISS’ reunion on “Sugar Man”.


Stage Name: Umji (엄지)
Birth Name: Woo Geum Ji (우금지)
Position: Maknae, Lead Vocalist
Birthday: June 9, 1982
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Blood Type: –
Nationality: Korean

Umji Facts:
– Umji is currently a musical actress.
– She’s married and has kids.
– She was in musicals such as Grease, 카페인 (Caffeine), and 풀하우스 (Full House).
– Umji attended Kyunghee University.

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A/N #2 (updated!): A user has told me that Hari Won has never been in KISS, but has been in a 2012 predebut group of the same name. A Vietnamese article has confirmed this, so I decided to remove her from this profile.


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