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Kim In Kwon Profile and Facts

Kim In Kwon Profile: Kim In Kwon Facts and Ideal Type

Kim In Kwon (김인권) is an actor under YNK Entertainment. He debuted in 1999 with the movie Rainbow Trout. He is best known for his roles in He’s on Duty (2010), Almost Che (2012), Born to Sing (2013), Apostle (2014), You’re Beautiful (2009), Please Come Back, Mister (2016), and Mr. Queen (2020)

Birth Name: Kim In Kwon (김인권)
Birthdate: January 20th, 1978
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 175cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean

Kim In Kwon Facts:
– He was born in Busan South Korea.
– He has three children
– He also appeared in the following dramas; Detectives (2003), Childless Comfort (2012), and The Liar and His Lover (2017).
– Other movie appearances were: Rainbow Trout (1999), Ghost Taxi (2000) Ciao (2001), Please Teach Me English (2003), The Man Next Door (2010), Daddy You, Daughter Me (2017), and Close Game: Reversed War (2019).

Kim In Kwon Dramas:
Medical Center (메디컬 센터) | SBS / as Noh Kang Han (2000)
The Bean Chaff Of My Life (내 인생의 콩깍지) | MBC / as Jang Sang Doo [29-33] (2003)
New Human Market (인간시장) | SBS / as Sang Goo (2004)
Surgeon Bong Dal Hee (외과의사 봉달희) | SBS / as Park Jae Bum (2007)
You’re Beautiful (미남이시네요) | SBS / as Ma Hoon Yi (2009)
I Live Without Incident (나는 별일없이 산다) | MBC / as Shin Byung Dae (2010)
Please Come Back, Mister (돌아와요 아저씨) | SBS / as Kim Yeong Soo (2016)
Criminal Minds (크리미널 마인드) | tvN/ as In Sang Chul [Ep. 1-2] (2017)
Angel’s Last Mission: Love (단, 하나의 사랑) | KBS2 / as Archangel Hoo (2019)
The Cursed (방법) | tvN / as Kim Pil Sung (2020)
How to Buy a Friend (계약우정) | KBS2 / as Woo Tae Jung / “Spitting Woo” (2020)
Mr. Queen (철인왕후) | tvN / as Man Bok (2020)
Times (타임즈) | OCN / as Do Young Jae (2021)

Kim In Kwon Movies:
Peppermint Candy (박하사탕) as Sergeant Lee (2020)
The Anarchists (아나키스트 ) as Sang Gu (2000)
My Wife Is A Gangster (조폭 마누라 ) as Koh Yong Man (2001)
A Man Who Went to Mars (화성으로 간 사나이) as Ho Geol (2003)
Once Upon a Time in High School (말죽거리 잔혹사) as Jik Sae  (2004)
Love So Divine (신부수업) as Shin Seon-Dal/“Thomas” (2004)
Plastic Tree (플라스틱 트리) as Su (2004)
My Father (마이 파더) as Shin Yo Sub (2007)
Two Faces of My Girlfriend (두 얼굴의 여친) as Jong Yun (2007)
Miss Gold Digger (용의주도 미스 신) as Yoon Cheol (2007)
Fate (숙명) as Jeong Do Wan (2008)
Tidal Wave (해운대) as Oh Dong Chun(2009)
Secret (시크릿 ) as Seok Jun (2009)
He’s On Duty (방가? 방가!) as Bang Tae Shik (2010)
Quick (퀵) as Kim Myung Shik (2011)
My Way (마이웨이) as Jong Dae (2011)
Masquerade (광해, 왕이 된 남자) as Warrior Do (2012)
Almost Che (강철대오: 구국의 철가방) as Kang Dae Oh (2012)
The Tower (타워) as Oh Byung Man (2012)
Born To Sing (전국노래자랑) as Bong Nam (2013)
Apostle (신이 보낸 사람) as Joo Chul Ho (2014)
The Divine Move (신의 한수) as Kkong Soo (2014)
Tazza: The Hidden Card (타짜-신의 손) as Heo Gwang Chul (2014)
C’est Si Bon (쎄시봉) as Jo Young Nam [20s] (2015)
Clown of a Salesman (약장수) as Il Bum (2015)
The Himalayas (히말라야) as Park Jung Bok (2015)
The Map Against The World (고산자, 대동여지도) as Ba Woo (2016)
In Between Seasons (환절기) as Manager Lee (2018)
Monstrum (물괴) as Seong Han | [Water monster voice] (2018)
Too Hot to Die (배반의 장미) as Byung Nam (2018)
Revenger (리벤져) as Captain Bau (2018)
The Battle of Jangsari (장사리:잊혀진 영웅들) as Ryu Tae Suk (2019)
How to Live in This World (아직 사랑하고 있습니까) as Young Wook (2019)
Hot Blooded Detective (열혈형사) as Dong Min (2020)
Executioner’s Daughter (순이) as Baek Dong Po (TBA)

Kim In Kwon Awards:
2003 KBS Drama Awards | Best Actor in a One-Act/Special Drama (N/A)
2009 18th Buil Film Awards | Best Supporting Actor (Tidal Wave)
2012 3rd of KOFRA Film Awards | Best Supporting Actor (My Way)
2017 22nd Chunsa Film Art Awards | Populatirty Awards (N/A)

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