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Kim Hee Jae Profile and Facts

Kim Hee Jae Profile and Facts

Kim Hee Jae (김희재) is a solo singer who is often referred to as a ‘trot prodigy’ due to the fact that he learnt the art at a very young age.

Birth Name: Kim Hee Jae (김희재)
Birthday: June 9, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: @heejae_one
Fan Cafe: heejae-star
YouTube: @Kim Hee Jae

Kim Hee Jae Facts:
– He was born in Ulsan in South Korea.
– He has two siblings (a younger brother and sister).
– He went to Wolpyeong Middle School, and later graduated from Korea Arts High School.
– He is currently attending Myongji College.
– He is a high school alumnus to BTS V and OH MY GIRL Seunghee.
– He has many nicknames such as Trot Fairy, Ulsan Lee Mi Ja, Trot Shindong, Dancing Heejae etc.
– His favourite colour is light purple.
– Specializes in: Singing trot (is referred to as a prodigy)
– Hobbies: Photography
– Favourite food: Mint chocolate, Chicken
– Favourite Artist: Beyonce
– He is quite good at dancing.
– He starred as a ‘trot prodigy’ on the program ‘Amazing Competition Star King‘ at the age of 14.
– He has won several awards at the National Singing Contest.
– He also won the 2009 Ulsan Special, the 2011 Encouragement Prize in Seongdong-gu Specialty in Seoul as well as the 2017 Encouragement Prize.
– He was an idol trainee for two years in high school,however, he never made an official debut.
– He is very close with trot singer Seo Ji-oh, who is like an aunt to him.
– He is a huge fan of Chang Yun-jung. He was also part of a fan-club for Jang Yoon-jung, known as ‘Lemonade’.
– His favourite drinks are mango jewellery milk tea and lemonade. He cannot drink caffeine.
– He does not like alcohol very much.
– He has a female Pomeranian, whose name is Cream.
– He said that he wanted to collaborate with singer Lin.
– He likes clean things, and is said to be very sensitive to scents.That is why he often washes his hands and likes perfume.
– He likes sweet and warm scents like ones with woody, citrus or vanilla notes.
– He talks very softly, and has a very sweet voice.
– He starred as the main role in the 2020 documentary “Mr. Trot: The Movie”.

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