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Kenshi Okada Profile, Facts and Ideal Type

Kenshi Okada Profile: Kenshi Okada Facts and Ideal Type

Kenshi Okada (岡田健史) is a Japanese actor under Spice Power. He debuted in the TV drama “Meet Me After School” in October 2018.

Birth Name: Kenshi Okada (岡田健史 / おかだ けんし)
Birthday: May 12, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 180cm (5′10″)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @kenshi_okada_official
Twitter: @spicepowerstaff
Agency Profile: Kenshi Okada

Kenshi Okada Facts:
— He was born in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.
— He prefers simple colors for his everyday clothes.
— He draws pictures with colorful permanent markers and ballpoint pens.
— He thinks he has taken up drawing because his mom was very good at drawing and he has many fond memories of playing with her in childhood.
— He is always playing music when he is in the bathtub or making a meal.
— He has a very diverse taste when it comes to music. He listens to everything from jazz to rock, J-POP, and K-POP.
— He always has a banana smoothie for morning breakfast.
— He always exercises in the morning.
— He was a baseball player in high school.
— He watches a TV drama or movie a day before going to bed.
— To relieve stress, he sings loudly and plays video games.
— He enjoys the baseball and Warring States games.
— He gets really down if something doesn’t go well.
— Actors that inspire him are Go Ayano, Takayuki Yamada, and Kevin Spacey.
— He wants to become an actor who will make people want to say, “I want to see a Kenshi Okada film!”.
— He watched “Sex Education” on Netflix and found it interesting.
— According to his family, he isn’t able to hide his emotions, it’s written all over his face.
— He enjoys cooking. His cooking hit as of August 2020 is gyoza and in 2018 it was fried rice.
— His favorite sport is baseball and he was crazy about it until high school.
— Places he’d like to visit are the Great Wall of China and Amazonia.
— He loves nature so he wants to marry a woman who can share the same passion for it.
— He used to listen to Shōnan no Kaze music in junior high school.
— A celebrity he’d like to meet is a baseball player Ichirō Suzuki.
— He wants to learn to speak English fluently.
— He is enthusiastic.
— He wants to be with someone who can accept him the way he is and be there for him. As a pitcher, he wants to have a catcher.
— If he has someone he likes, he’ll confess his feeling.
— He attended Paris Fashion Week in June 2019.
— His favorite k-drama is “Irys”.
— He loves watching Ghibli movies and his favorite one is “Princess Mononoke”.
— His favorite part of his body is his hands.
Kenshi Okada’s Ideal Type:I don’t have an ideal type, I’d rather see her charm instead as every person has a different one.” (CLASSY Nov. 2020)

Kenshi Okada in Movies:
Caution, Hazardous Wife: The Movie (奥様は、取り扱い注意) | 2021 – Juri Iwao
New Interpretation Records of the Three Kingdoms (新解釈・三國志) | 2020 – Sun Quan
Hope (望み) | 2020 – Tadashi Ishikawa
The Legacy of Dr. Death: Black File (ドクター・デスの遺産 BLACK FILE) | 2020 – Kei Sawada
Yayoi, March: 30 Years That I Loved You (弥生、三月 君を愛した30年) | 2020 – Ayumu

Kenshi Okada in Drama Series:
Date My Daughter (ウチの娘は、彼氏が出来ない!!) | NTV, 2021 – Hikaru Irino
Seiten wo Tsuke (青天を衝け) | NHK, 2021 – Heikuro Odaka
Oedo Mononoke Monogatari (大江戸もののけ物語) | NHK, 2020 – Kazuma Shinkai
MIU 404 (MIU404) | TBS, 2020 – Yohito Kokonoe
Doctor-X (S6) (ドクターX ~外科医・大門未知子~) | TV Asahi, 2019 – Kiyoaki Yokkaichi (ep.4)
Meet Me After School (中学聖日記) | TBS, 2018 – Akira Kuroiwa

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