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KANAO (C.LiTZ) Profile and Facts

KANAO (C.LiTZ) Profile and Facts

KANAO (카나오/カナヲ) is a member of the live idol group C.LiTZ based in South Korea.

KANAO Official Accounts:
Twitter: @CLiTZ_KANAO | @KANA5AKURA (Personal)
Naver Blog: 꿈을 꾸는 동안 (@kana5akura)

Stage Name: KANAO (카나오/カナヲ)
Full Name:
Position: Heroine (히로인/ヒロイン)
Birthday: June 26
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 168 cm
Weight: –
Blood Type: A
Representative Color: Cherry Blossom Pink
Representative Emojis: 🫧🌸

KANAO Facts:
– Her member hashtags are #카카나오톡 (#KakanaoTok), #카나오냐스미 (#KanaoNyaseumi), and #KA_NOW.
– She is a former member of the ZOC/HeroSyn cover group C.yndrome as NANASE.
– She’s a big fan of LE SSERAFIM‘s Sakura.
– In her free time she enjoys finding new music, sleeping, and playing League of Legends or watching videos related to it.
– Two of her favorite characters are Kirby and Cinnamoroll.
– Her favorite actress is Yui Aragaki.
– She doesn’t like beans.
– Her favorite fruits are tangerines, green apples, and strawberries.
– One of her habits is biting her nails.
– She prefers texting over calling.
– Her favorite season is spring.
– Her favorite colors are Light pinkredyellow, and white.
– According to her, she’s very shy.
– She likes spicy food but has trouble eating it.
– She’s scared of bees.
– Her favorite animals include white tigers and penguins.
– She doesn’t like dull colors.
– She’s not religious.
– If she could choose a super power she would choose teleportation.
– Shoe size: 240mm

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