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Jung Taekhyeon (1THE9) Profile

Jeong Taekhyeon 1THE9 Profile; Taekhyeon 1THE9 Profile

Stage Name: Taekhyeon (택현)
Birth Name: Jung Taekhyeon (정택현)
Birthday: July 28, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 178 (5’10”)
Weight: 66 kg (145 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: @th728
Naver: 정군사랑 (His mom manages his page)

Taekhyeon Facts:
– Hometown: Gunpo, Gyeonggido, South Korea.
– He has a younger sister named Jung Yuju, born in 2010.
– He debuted in 2009 as a child actor, he first appeared on “Waiting For My Mom”.
– Education: Anyang Arts High School (Department of Theater and Film, graduated), Dongguk University (The Theater division)
– He was a contestant on Under Nineteen and ranked 5th.
– On April 13, 2019 he officially debuted as a member of 1THE9, who disbanded on August 8, 2020.
– He likes teasing Yongha.
– His nicknames are Boni, Song Joong-Ki, Delivery, and Taxi.
– He was an MC in more than eight TV shows.
– He acted in a Korean short film when he was 9.
– His favorite song is BTS’ “Lost“.
– In ep 13, he was ranked 16th in fashion among all the 19 trainees (“Under 19”).
– He started acting when he was 6 years old,  His first appearance was in ‘Waiting for my mom’ in 2009. (Korean short film)
– He appeared in Korean movies: “71: Into the Fire (2010)”,  “Farewell” (2013), “The Suffered (2014)”., “The Salt Planet (2014)”, “Forgotten (2017)”, “Dark Figure Of Crime (2018)”.
– He appeared in Korean dramas: “Marry Him If You Dare (KBS/2013)”,  “Blooded Palace: The War of Flowers (JTBC/2013)”, “Good Doctor (KBS/2013)”, “Inspiring Generation (KBS/2014)”, “The Three Musketeers (tvN/2014)”, “Apgujeong Midnight Sun (MBC/2015)”,  “Mom (MBC/2015)”, “Racket Boys” (2021).
– Taekhyeon appeared in Lee Joongi’s “Flower Of Evil” as the young Kim Moo Jin (flashbacks).
– Fans thinks that he resembles Seventeen DK, some of them said that they have similar personalities and both of them are so funny and good at varieties.
– He appeared in a “Bacchus-F” (Korean energy drink) advertisement.
– He appeared in an “Oh! Kamja” (Potato chips brand) advertisement.
– He appeared in a “Samsung life” advertisement.
– He appeared in a “Kumon” (Japanese educational network) advertisement.
– He appeared in a “Tooniverse” (Cartoon and anime TV channel) advertisement.
– He appeared in a “KB Financial Group Inc” (Banking company) advertisement.
– He used to be the mood maker of 1the9.
– He’s a good MC.
– He was an MC in Tooniverse’s show season 7 (2016), and he was a ‘Traveling MC’ in Tooniverse’s show season 6 and 8 (2015&2017).
– He was a child MC in MBC’s reality show in 2009, he was 6 years old back then.
– He acted in the web drama “Boni Hani” (Kids web drama by EBS kids).
– He’s the 13th Boni on “Boni Hani” show.
– He was the special MC in ep 10 on “Under 19“.
– He prefers cats over puppies.
– He prefers rings over necklaces.
– He introduced himself as 1THE9’s MC and 2nd Maknae (youngest member) on “Weekly Idol” (Ep. 403).
– He chose “Weekly Idol” as the show he wants to appear on the most among MBC shows.
– According to Taewoo, Taekhyeon never called Yongha “Hyung” since their debut. Even though Yongha is four years older than him.
– He treats the members as if they’re younger than him.
– He’s currently under Management Air .

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