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Joo Wondae Profile & Facts (WOW)

Joo Wondae Profile: Wondae Facts

Joo Wondae (주원대) is a South Korean model and member of WOW and A.FACT.

Birth Name: Joo Won Dae (주원대)
Birthday: October 22, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 186 cm (6’1″)
Weight: 66 kg (146 lbs)
Top Size: 100-105
Pants Size: 29-30
Shoe Size: 270 mm
Blood Type: B
Instagram: joowondae
A.Conic Website: JOO WON DAE

Joo Wondae Facts:
– Wondae has an older sister.
– Cats are his favorite things.
– Wondae likes the dark.
– He can speak English and a little bit of Chinese.
– Chicken is his favorite food.
– Wondae’s favorite music genre is techno.
– Bugs are his least favorite thing.
– His unresting eyes are his charm.
– Actor Sung Hoon is his role model.
– He describes his personality as hilarious.
– He is a model under Stallion Entertainment.
– His hobbies and specialties are Djing, English, and singing.
– As of July 2019, his most played song is B2ST’s “On Rainy Day”.
– In his opinion, he is the most fun member in A.FACT.
– He works as a designer, model, and DJ.
– He is more creative after midnight.
– He likes easiness during the day and getting stylish in the evening.
– As of July 2020, his favorite song is “It’s You” by Henry.
– He prefers night over the day.
– Iced americano is his favorite type of coffee.
– His favorite song is “Congratulations” by DAY6 as of February 2021.
– His MBTI type is ENFP-T.
– He doesn’t sleep with socks on.
– He appeared in “Sad fantasy” by nautilus, “Dead Clock” and “Day of marriage” by Hwang In-sun Music Videos.
– When asked how many languages he speaks, he answered saying “Arabic 5%, Japanese 5%, Korean 15%, English 40%, Russian 3% and Chinese 10%”.
– His charm is being the only WOW member who can speak English. (Music Access)

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