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Jaehee (NCT WISH) Profile

Jaehee (NCT WISH) Profile & Facts

Jaehee (재희) is a member of NCT WISH, formed through SM Entertainment’s survival show NCT Universe : LASTART.

Stage Name: Jaehee (재희)
Birth Name: Kim Daeyoung (김대영)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: June 21, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rooster
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean
Representative Emoji: 🌳

Jaehee Facts:
– He’s from Daegu.
– Nickname: Daeng 땡 (meaning puppy).
– He was a trainee for 3 months.
– His vocal strengths are his high notes and falsettos.
– His hobbies are singing, playing the piano, reading
– Jaehee’s favorite item is his smart phone.
– His favorite song lyric is “Even if I walk today, I’ll run tomorrow” – Park Hyoshin‘s “Home“.
– His favorite NCT song is AY-YO.
– What made him want to become an idol is when he first came to the company, when he was training for a month, NCT 127 AY-YO was released and he really liked Jaehyun in that MV.
– Jaehee’s role models are Kyuhyun, Jinyoung and Jaehyun.
– If he wasn’t doing music he would study hard to become a history teacher.
– Other than debuting, he would like to travel the world bringing happiness to other people.
– One word to describe him is “student”.
– His Motto: “Nonetheless”.
– A song he recommends is NCT WISH‘s “Songbird” and “Tears are Falling”
– His favorite season is Winter.
– His favorite colors are black, white, yellow, green, blue, and red.
– His favorite scent is a sweet and fruity scent.


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