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‘Happy Ending’ (DIA) Album Info

‘Happy Ending’ (DIA) Album Info

Happy Ending is the first mini album by DIA. It was released on June 14, 2016 with On The Road serving as the title track.

Artist: DIA
Release Date: June 14, 2016
Type: Mini Album
Recorded: 2016
Genre: K-pop
Length: 22:48
Label: MBK Entertainment
Writers: Iggy, Seo Young-bae, Ki Hee-hyun, DIA, Baek Ye-bin, Eunchae
Producers: Iggy, Seo Young-bae, Ahn Young-min, Baek Ye-bin, Ki Hee-hyun

1. Happy Ending – 3:18
2. On The Road (그 길에서) – 3:22
3. The Trainee (연습생) – 4:16
4. Waiting For You (널 기다려) (Yebin solo) – 3:03
5. Remember (기억할게요) (Eunchae solo) – 2:41
6. Waiting For You (널 기다려) (DIA Version) – 3:22
7. On The Road (그 길에서) (Inst.) – 3:22

Video Links:
On The Road MV
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