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FRUITS ZIPPER Members Profile

FRUITS ZIPPER Members Profile:
FRUITS ZIPPER (フルーツジッパー) is a 7-member girl group under Kawaii Lab. The group consists of Luna, Suzuka, Mana, Amane, Yui, Karen, and Noel. They made their debut on April 24, 2022.

Name Explanation: The group’s name combines FRUITS meaning ‘to bear fruit,’ and ZIP meaning ‘to give energy.’

Fandom Name:
Official Fan Colors:

Official Accounts:
Instagram: fruits_zipper
TikTok: fruits_zipper

Members Profile:

Birth Name: Nakagawa Luna (仲川瑠夏)
Birthday: July 3, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 154 cm (5′.6″)
Twitter: luna_fz0703
Instagram: luna_7373
TikTok: luna_luna073
Youtube: lunapi
Color: Purple

Luna Facts:
– She was born in Kanagawa, Japan.
– Luna is a former member of the group Kuusou to Mousou to Kimi no Koi Shita Sekai under the name Nukutani Luna.
– She was determined to get back on stage after she graduated from her previous group.
– Luna had studied abroad in America during high school.
– She likes songs, movies, film cameras, coffee shops and music.
– She loves eating.
– Hobbies: Drawing, making icing cookies, and Karaoke.
– Nickname: Lunapi (るなぴ).


Birth Name: Chinzei Suzuka (鎮西寿々歌)
Birthday: November 24, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 162 cm (5’3.7″)
Twitter: suzuka_fz1124
Instagram: tarasuzuka24
TikTok: oooooossssss24
Youtube: user-iv1ms7uy8z
Color: Orange 

Suzuka Facts:
– She was born in Hyogo, Japan.
– Suzuka likes visiting shrines and places of nature.
– One thing that makes her the happiest is a good meal.
– Hobbies: Exploring Nature, fashion, and travel.
Nickname: Osuzu (おすず)


Birth Name: Manaka Mana (真中まな)
Birthday: April 22, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 163 cm (5’4.1″)
Twitter: manafy_fz0422
Instagram: manafy_baby
TikTok: manafy_fz0422
Color: Sky Blue

Mana Facts:
– She was born in Kanagawa, Japan.
– Mana has honed her impressive dance skill since her childhood.
– Hobbies:  Kids Coordination Trainer and dance.
– Nickname: Manafy (まなふぃ).


Birth Name: Tsukiashi Amane (月足 天音)
Birthday: October 26, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 153 cm (5’2″)
Twitter: amane_fz1026
Instagram: am1026_official
TikTok: am1026_official
Color: Red

Amane Facts:
– She was born in Fukuoka, Japan.
– Amane is a former member of HKT48 (Team TII).
– Nickname: Amachan (あまちゃん).
– Hobbies: Collecting cosmetics and singing karaoke alone.


Birth Name: Sakurai Yui (櫻井優衣)
Birthday: February 21, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 157 cm (5’1.8″)
Twitter: yui_fz0221
Instagram: yui.sakurai_7
TikTok: sakuraiyui2
Color: Mint Green

Yui Facts:
– She was born in Tokyo, Japan.
– Yui began her idol activities in 2013.
– Yui debuted as a soloist on July 24, 2018.
– She is a former member of My Dear Darlin, BlooDye, Momograci, and Pink Babies.
– Nickname: Yuichan (ゆいちゃん), Yuiyui (ゆいゆい).
– Hobbies: Visit ramen shops and makeup research.


Birth Name: Matsumoto Karen (松本かれん)
Birthday: March 28, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 158 cm (5’2.2″)
Twitter: karen_fz0328
Instagram: __matsumotokaren
TikTok: __matsumotokaren
Color: Baby Pink

Karen Facts:
– She was born in Chiba, Japan.
– Graduated from a music college with a degree in piano.
– She have experience playing the drums.
– Hobbies: Visiting cafes, playing with cats, and piano.
-Nickname: Renren (れんれん).


Birth Name: Hayase Noel (早瀬ノエル)
Birthday: December 29, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 156 cm (5’1″)
Twitter: noel_fz1229
Instagram: noel_hayase
TikTok: hysnl1229
Youtube: noel_hayase
Color: Yellow

Noel Facts:
– Noel is half German.
– She was born in Munich, Germany.
– Fluent in Japanese, German, and English along with a little bit of French.
– Hobbies: Guitar, film cameras, and video editing.

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