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Xu YangYuZhuo (SNH48) Profile and Facts

Xu YangYuZhuo Profile and Facts

Xu YangYuZhuo (许杨玉琢) is a member of SNH48 Team HII and 7SENSES under STAR48.

Xu YangYuZhuo Fandom Name – Yang Jia Jiang (Generals of the Yang Family)
Xu YangYuZhuo Fan Colour –

Birth Name: Xu YangYuZhuo (许杨玉琢) (メンヤン) (쉬양위저)
Birthday: September 25, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac: Pig
Height: 163 cm (5’4″)
Weight: 47kg
Blood Type: N/A
Instagram: @eliwa925
Weibo: SNH48-许杨玉琢
Twitter: 许杨玉琢 eliwa
YouTube: 许杨玉琢Eliwa925

Xu YangYuZhuo Facts:
– She was born in Hunan, China but grew up in Guangzhou, China.
– Her “sense” is time (SEN7ES).
– Her nicknames are: Ayumi and Eliwa.
– She can speak Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English and Thai.
– Her hobbies include swimming, watching boxing games, and eating.
– Her specialties are: Being a host, rapping, jazz, dancing, singing, playing piano, and weight loss.
– Her strength is hip hop skills.
– Her charm points are her eye-smile and her round face.
– Her “remark” is being the only member who can both rap and sing.
– She can imitate a rooster.
– She is a member of SNH48 Team HII.
– She wrote and composed SEN7ES song “Sandglass”.
– She wrote SEN7ES song “The Shadows”.
– She loves Pokémon, her favourite is Squirtle.
– She shares a dorm room with SNH48’s Team HII co-captain Zhang Xin.
– In 2020 she participated in Youth With You Season 2, a Chinese girl band reality competition show, where she ranked #30.
– She writes all her own solo music.
– Xu YangYuZhuo’s Catchphrase: “Hello everyone, I am the cool, cool Mianyang. Everyone please say it with me. [Cool.] Hello everyone, I am SNH48 Team HII XuYang YuZhuo.”

Team History:
[2014.07.26] – Joined SNH48 as a Research Student.
[2014.09.05] – Promoted to SNH48 Team HII (Team HII formation)
[2017.04.07] – Joined SNH48 sub-unit 7SENSES.

Election History:
3rd Senbatsu Election | 19 (Under Girls)
4th Senbatsu Election | 27 (Under Girls)
5th Senbatsu Election | 52 (Future Girls)
6th Senbatsu Election | 22 (Under Girls)
7th Senbatsu Election | 10 (Top Girls)
8th Senbatsu Election | 6 (Top Girls)

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