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DD! (디디) Profile & Facts

DD! (디디) Profile: DD! (디디) Facts

DD! (디디) is a South Korean soloist. She made her solo debut on September 20, 2017, with the album “DOT”.

Birth Name: Hwang Do-hye (황도혜)
Birthday: April 27, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 167 cm (5’6″)
Weight: 48 kg (105 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @ddspace33
YouTube: DohyeHwang

DD! Facts:
— Born in Namhae, South Korea.
— She studied at Dankook University.
— Her specialties are singing, and athletics.
— Purple is her favorite color.
— She wants to make music that makes people think.
— She expresses her feelings and thoughts through music.
— Her stage name double D comes from her birth name plus an exclamation mark to make a stronger impression.
— She has some songs under her birth name but the music she wanted to do, she released after changing stage name to DD!.
— She is a part of a crew with rappers and producers.
— She is a former member of Ye-A girl group and My-B duo. They held their activities in 2013-2015.
— She originally debuted as a singer in My-B duo on September 25, 2013.
— She has a nose and an eyebrow piercing.
— Her hobbies are floral arrangement and collecting high heels.
— She starred in the Sohu TV web drama “Magic Cellphone” in 2016.
— Her favorite food is kimchi stew because her mom cooks it often.
— Her first radio appearance was on Arirang Radio in 2019.
— She writes her own lyrics, produces, and designs album covers.
— She wanted to do music since she was 5 years old because her grandma enjoyed her singing.
— Her 5 favorite things are sleeping, playing, dancing, and spending time with her parents.
— Her 5 least favorite things are lies, liars, bugs, and mosquitos.
— She relives stress by going to the market to feel the energy of other people and roam around.
— An artist she would like to collaborate with is Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley.
— She can’t stay still when music is playing as she loves dancing so much.
— Her motto is “Let’s be Human”.
— She has several tattoos on her arms.
— Her favorite singer is Erykah Badu.
— She wants to do music for her whole life.
— She’s good at dozing off.
— She teaches singing everyone except people trying to get into universities as there are many better teachers.
— According to her, she has a pretty bad memory.
— Her own favorite song is “My Idol”.
— Her muse is her past self.
— She has a boyfriend, James Kiss. (Sound K 2019)
— She loves Christmas.

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