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Choi Min Su Profile and Facts

Choi Min Su Profile: Choi Min Su Facts and Ideal Type

Choi Min Su (최민수)
is an actor under Yul and Urbane Entertainment. He debuted in 1986 with the film Son of God. He is best known for his roles in Sandglass (1995), Terrorist (1995), Libera Me (2000), Pride and Prejudice (2014), The Man Who Dies to Live (2017), Lawless Lawyer (2018), and Extracurricular (2020).

Birth Name: Choi Min Su (최민수)
Birthdate: March 27th, 1962
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
Height: 180 cm (5′ 11″)
Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: Korean

Choi Min Su Facts:
-He was born in Paju, Gyeonggi, South Korea.
– His religion is Christianity.
– Hi parents, Choi Mu Ryong, is a popular actor from the 1960s and 1970s, and his mother Kang Hyo Sil, is also an actress.
– Min Su attended Lila Elementary School, Seongdong Middle School, Dongbuk High School, and Seoul Arts University in the Department of Broadcasting.
– His grandmother is Jeon Ok who is also an actress.
– Kang Hong Sik and his daughter, Kang Hyo Son (Min Su’s aunt), moved to North Korea, where Kang Hyo Son also became a famous actress.
– His siblings consist of three sisters (Hyun Sook, Ye Sook, Young Sook) (father’s second wife Kim Ji Mee), and another half-brother (Jung Woo)  and half-sister (Jin Kyeong) from another of his father’s marriages.
– During the Japanese occupation period, his grandfather, Kang Hong Shik, was an actor, singer, and film director.
Choi Min Soo met June Elizabeth Kang in 1993 at the international Miss Korea Beauty Pageant, where Kang competed as Miss Canada. Choi Min Soo proposed to her within three hours of meeting her, and they were married in 1994.
– Min Su and his wife have two sons, Christian (Yu Jin) born in 1996, and Benjamin (Yoo Seong) born in 2001.
– He has had small roles in the following dramas; Kkochimi (1987), and  1% of Anything (2003).
– He has also had small roles in the following movies: Seoul (2002, Japan) and How to Steal a Dog (2014).

Choi Min Su Dramas:
What is Love? (사랑이 뭐길래) | MBC / as Lee Dae Bal (1991)
Walking Up to the Sky (걸어서 하늘까지) | MBC / as Jung Jong Ho (1993)
Mother’s Sea (엄마의 바다) | MBC / as Dong Jae (1993)
Sandglass (모래시계) | SBS / as Park Tae Soo (1995)
White Knights 3.98 (백야 3.98) | SBS / as Kwon Taek Hyung (1998)
Legends of Love (사랑의 전설) | SBS / as Min Suk (2000)
South of the Sun (태양의 남쪽) | SBS / as Kang Sung Jae (2003)
Han River Ballad (한강수타령) | MBC / as Shin Ryul (2004)
The Legend (태왕사신기) | MBC / as Dae Jang Ro (2007)
Father’s House (아버지의 집) | SBS / as Kang Man Ho (2009)
Road Number One (로드 넘버원) | MBC / as Yoon Sam Soo [ep. 1-7] (2010)
Warrior Baek Dong Soo (무사 백동수) | SBS / as Chun (2011)
Happy Ending (해피엔딩) | jTBC / as Kim Doo Soo (2012)
Faith (신의) | SBS / as Moon Chi Hoo [ep. 4] (2012)
Sword and Flower (칼과 꽃) | KBS2 / as General Yeon Gaesomun (2013)
Pride and Prejudice (오만과 편견) | MBC / as Moon Hee Man (2014)
The Royal Gambler (대박) | SBS / as King Suk Jong (2016)
The Liar and His Lover (그녀는 거짓말을 너무 사랑해) | tvN/ as Kang In Woo (2017)
Man Who Dies to Live (죽어야 사는 남자) | MBC / as Count Saeed Fahd Ali / Jang Dal Koo (2017)
Lawless Lawyer (무법 변호사) | tvN / as Ahn Oh Joo (2018)
Extracurricular (인간수업) | Netflix / as Lee Wang Cheol (2020)

Choi Min Su Movies:
Son of God (신의 아들) as Choi Kang Ta (1986)
That Last Winter (그 마지막 겨울) as In Tae (1988)
Last Dancing (그녀와의 마지막 춤을) as Oh Hye Seok (1988)
Man Market (남자시장) as Yong Chun (1990)
Nambugun: North Korean Partisan in South Korea (남부군) as Kim Young (1990)
The Winter Dream Does Not Fly (겨울꿈은 날지 않는다) as Shin Gil Woo (1991)
For Agnes (아그네스를 위하여) as Hwang Mi Ho (1991)
The Marriage Life (결혼 이야기) as Kim Tae Gyu (1992)
Mister Mama (미스터 맘마) as Hyung Joon (1992)
A Different Kind of Man (가슴 달린 남자) as Choi Hyeong Jun (1993)
Life of a Hollywood Kid (헐리우드키드의 생애) as Im Byung Suk (1994)
A Good Day to Fall in Love (사랑하기 좋은 날) as Hyung Joon (1995)
Terrorist (테러리스트) as Soo Hyun (1995)
Rehersal (리허설) as Min Soo (1995)
Come To Me (나에게 오라) as Jeong Suk (1996)
Piano Man  (피아노 맨) as Piano Man (1996)
Inshalla (인샬라) as Han Seung Yeop (1997)
Blackjack (블랙잭) as Oh Se Geun (1997)
Story of a Man (남자이야기) as Bong Man (1998)
Phantom, The Submarine (유령) as No. 202 (1999)
Love Bakery (주노명 베이커리) as Joo No Myeong (2000)
Libera Me (리베라 메) as Jo Sang Woo (2000)
My Wife is a Gangster (조폭 마누라) as Sashimi (2001)
Yesterday (예스터데이) as Goliath (2002)
Sword in the Moon (청풍명월) as Choi Ji Hwan (2003)
The Myth (神話) as General Choi (2005)
Holiday (홀리데이) as Kim An Seok (2006)
My Wife is a Gangster 3 (조폭 마누라 3) as Sashimi (2006)

Choi Min Su Awards:
2014 MBC Drama Awards | Golden Acting Award, Actor (Pride and Prejudice)
2007 MBC Drama Awards | Golden Acting Award, Actor in a Historical Drama (The Legend)
2004 MBC Drama Awards | Top Excellence Award, Actor (Han River Ballad)
2001 37th Baeksang Arts Awards | Best Film Actor (Libera Me)
2000 SBS Drama Awards | Big Star Award (Legends of Love)
2000 37th Grand Bell Awards | Best Actor (Phantom | the Submarine)
1996 19th Golden Cinematography Awards | Most Popular Actor
1996 34th Grand Bell Awards | Best Actor (Terrorist)
1995 SBS Drama Awards | Grand Prize/Daesang (Sandglass)
1995 22nd Korea Broadcasting Awards | Best TV Actor (Sandglass)
1995 16th Blue Dragon Film Awards | Best Actor, Popular Star Award (Terrorist)
1995 31st Baeksang Arts Awards | Best TV Actor (Sandglass)
1993 14th Blue Dragon Film Awards | Popular Star Award
1993 31st Grand Bell Awards | Most Popular Actor
1993 29th Baeksang Arts Awards | Best TV Actor (Walking Up to Heaven)
1992 MBC Drama Awards | Excellence Award, Actor (What Is Love)
1992 28th Baeksang Arts Awards | Most Popular TV Actor (What Is Love)
1992 13th Blue Dragon Film Awards | Popular Star Award
1991 12th Blue Dragon Film Awards | Popular Star Award
1990 11th Blue Dragon Film Awards | Best Supporting Actor (North Korean Partisan in South Korea)
1989 25th Baeksang Arts Awards | Best New Film Actor (Last Dance with Her)
1987 11th Golden Cinematography Awards | Best New Actor (Long Journey & Tunnel)

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